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Hi all fantastic Warhammer players. I think that many of you have felt as I have felt about the coming of age of Sigmar. It feels like a huge big disappointment. Here I have learned about the Warhammer world my whole life about the dark and wondrous world where the chaos gods rule a world created by the old ones and were the forces of good tries to keep order while monsters and beasts of all kinds ravage their lands. And the suddenly all is ripped away stories that doesn’t resemble the ones we are used to start to appear and the suddenly everything is turned into a whole new world, a world that for more resembles the colorful world of magic the gathering or dungeons and dragons. I feel that it is nothing wrong with those worlds but they already fill that void and I thought I have been a little interested in their lores nothing has been as troll binding as the lore of the Warhammer world.

As this huge change is happening it is clear that not all players of Warhammer like what is
happening.  Many have abandoned the game and some plays AoS but don’t accept the lore of it. The Warhammer World has really been broken not just as the story implies but in reality too.  Many players also have gone back to the editions of Warhammer that they found most interesting and fun. Me and my gaming friends ventured back to 6th edition, the edition were we started playing for real and where we felt that the rules were fun and in a time when Warhammer books were written in a way that felt more organic. The goal seemed to be to have fun playing a game not giving the 100% correct rules of how to do things. For example an advice to solve a disagreement was to roll a die. I really liked this edition and for me the books given out at the time are fantastic armybooks are written in a way that gives different ideas of the old world, for example were did skaven come from? Are they a kind of beastmen, or humans cursed by a sea god or have the warpstone turned rats into more advanced beings? Different ideas were given about some things and if you looked in old books you could find some tips and sometimes answers to your question but the idea that it could be wrong didn’t really leave you. In armybooks after this time it feels that the goal is to more directly tell the reader of how things are. For me interpretation was a big deal of the Warhammer universe. Much of what I liked about Warhammer has slowly gone lost through 7th and 8th edition but I have kept playing and enjoyed the game but when AoS came I couldn’t see how I could go on. Sure I could ignore the new stories and try to live in the past while using the new rules but I could see that the change to the Warhammer World had been too great and now it more resembled the Warcraft world. No longer did I feel at home it had changed to something else.

The changes as I said had been too great and I started to look for other games, I started to play more roleplaying games and started to play more MTG and other games. I thought maybe I will find something that can replace Warhammer. It has taken a long time but I have come to a conclusion now that I think that you might find intriguing and that I should have come to much earlier if I want blinded by despair. The Warhammer World has been set free! AND NO! not in the AoS way that says that anything might happen or something like that, no. The Warhammer World has been set free from GW it is almost like when GW stopped to support specialist games. Warhammer has a long time ago grown out of the clutches of GW it is not world own by a company it is a world known by its players and all of us oldhammerers should unite in that fact that the Warhammer World is still alive but no longer will it be controlled by a company grasping for profit. There are many companies making models for Warhammer or models that are greatly inspired by the Warhammer World. Many of us bought them before the birth of AoS and combined them into our armies to make and army look the way we wanted to. Warhammer is created by us the players with our armies or roleplaying sessions. As long as there are people playing Warhammer and learning the stories of the old world the game will live on. When I look around I see that at least half of the players who play Warhammer is people playing in the old world and that is even though many have left the game that means that Warhammer lives on and will live on. Back in 6th edition many fan made armies were created, GW did not create a book for the chaos dwarves which led to many people creating their own army books. The only thing that could hurt the old world is if the people who really likes it gives up on it. But we are not defeated; the Old World still lives people still play and talk about the stories of the world. The Old World has not been abandoned it has just changed owners from GW to the gods of chaos. It is everyone’s world and no one’s world.

If you are a 6th edition as me or like 7th, 8th or 9th edition or if like playing the RPG we are all in the same world, let’s keep that world alive by playing, painting, talking, writing and making it greater than it ever was.


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