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High Elves vs Skavens 2000 points 6ed
Today I bring one battle report from the recent 6ed tournament that I attended in Barcelona on 1st April Grin
I was really rusty (my first games in 10 years!) but I had a ton of fun.

My opponent from the first game has been so awesome that he has written a battle report with diagrams!
It has been published in this blog: http://www.cargad...-by-mathy/
Since it is in Spanish I will translate it and use the diagrams for my own battle report, and I will use the pictures I took.

Battle Report High Elves vs Skavens 6th edition
Scenario: Pitched Battle
Points: 2000 Points

Army lists
I included the prefixes used for the diagrams before each unit.

High Elves: Explorers of the White Tower
A1 Eldrael, Archmage, level 4, Jewel of Dusk, Seer, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Corin
G Lyara, Noble on elven steed, ithilmar barding, great weapon, dragon armour, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix
Lanz 20 Spearelves, full command, Lion Standard
A2 10 Archers
YP1 5 Silver Helms, heavy armour, shield, barded steed
YP2 5 Silver Helms, heavy armour, shield, barded steed
PDrag 5 Dragon Princes, full command, Banner of Arcane Protection
GdE 5 Ellyrion Reavers
GEsp 11 Swordmasters, Bladelord, Blessed Tome,
CdT 1 Tiranoc Chariot
LdR1 and LdR2 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
AG1 and AG2 2 Great Eagles

Skavens: Horde of Doom
G Mathy Sewer , Weeping Blade, Enchanted Shield, Warpstone Amulet
P Nesqueek, BSB, Storm Banner
I1 Pixie, Warlock Engineer, Storm Daemon
I2 Dixie, Warlock Engineer, Dispel Scroll
GAli 20 Stormvermin, full command and Doomflayer Weapon Team (rules adapted from 7th ed)
Clan 21 Clanrats, full command and Ratling Gun
Escla 21 Slaves
CdS 9 Night Runners
Excav 5 Gutter Runners as Tunnelling Team
RGig 14 Giant Rats
LdVE 4 Globadiers
HdR 2 Rat Swarm
Jezz 3 Jezzails
ROg 3 Rat Ogres
CdD 1 Warp-lightning Cannon
Abo 1 Hellpit Abomination (rules adapted from 7th ed)

The battlefield had a small hill (bottom left), two forests, two buildings and a field (top left) which counted as difficult terrain.
I rolled for Intrigue at Court and I got to choose my general, so I chose the Noble.
I also chose my Life Lore spells with my Archmage due to Seer, I chose Father of Thorns, Howling Wind, Master of Wood and Master of Stone.
I won the roll to choose side and I chose the north side.

The deployment can be seen in the next diagram:


I tried to place my heavy cavalry to avoid the Abomination but the Skaven had more drops and he managed to cover the flank of his Stormvermin with it.
He placed his Night Runners and Giant Rats to run towards my shooting base.
Both the Skaven Warlord and BSB deployed with the Stormvermin, the Warlocks one with the Clanrats and the other with the Slaves.

The Skaven players notes in the report that in retrospective he should have deployed the Slaves together with the Rat Swarms to help them cover the flank.
From the High Elves, I should have deployed the Ellyrion Reavers together with the Dragon Princes since they have an easier time getting around the Rat Hordes and distracting the Abomination, while the 5 Silver Helms could cover my shooting units from the Giant Rats and the Night Runners.

I won the roll to start the game and I decided to get the first turn (which will come next post ).

A picture of the deployment and first turn of the High Elves! (there was a small accident where one of my eagles and one of my helms fell to the floor and the eagle broke from its base).

Edited by elendor on 17-04-2017 12:05
"They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library."
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
Turn 1 High Elves
Since I won the roll for first turn decided to go first because I thought I could use the mobility of my cavalry to try and get in the flank of the Skaven army. The main problem was that my opponent has deployed his best flank tarpits (Swarm and Abomination) in that place, so I was hoping to surround the Swarm and divert the Abomination with my Eagles.
I forgot that the Swarms are Skirmishers so they have a 360 degrees vision arc though Shock .

The Elves' movement phase can be seen below, all my units advanced cautiously except the shooting units.

Durin my magic phase my Archmage tried to cast Father of Thorns on the Ratling Gun (it isnt a magical projectile so it can target lone characters and Skaven support teams even if they are within 5'' of big units. The cast succeded but my opponent used a Dispel Scroll! I wasn't expecting that he would go that far to protect the Ratling Gun, although it can wreak havoc in the T3 lowly AS Elves.
Fair enough, I tried Master of Stone (2D4 S4) on the Stormvermin but the Skavens succeeded in their dispel attempt.
Next I casted Howling Wind (the units within 12'' of the caster can't be targeted by projectiles of S4 or lower and enemy units see their Movement reduced by half), and finally I used my Ring of Corin to cast Vaul's Unmaking against the Stormvermin because I wanted to know what nasty surprises were hidden there and get rid of one (I was fearing a Storm Banner already), but my opponent had saved one dispel dice just in case and succeeded in dispelling it.

In the shooting phase my Archers where 1'' too far to shoot anything Sad However my RBTs killed one Rat Ogre and inflicted 2 wounds on another, and the Chariot riders failed to hit anything.

Turn 1 Skavens
The Skaven first turn can be seen below:

The Skaven player started by declaring a charge with his Swarm against my Eagle by the side of the Tower, to which I declared Flee as a reaction.
This was a mistake, because if the charge was successful the Swarm would move quite far and leave my cavalry space to maneuver, while if it failed I could move my Eagle next turn instead of rolling to Rally it.
However I declared Flee to have a shoot at blasting the Swarms with Magic, which is a rather unreliable way of getting them out of the way and they don't have to Panic or cause Panic to nearby units, so not the best choice.
Moreover, my Eagle rolled enough to flee into the forest, so it would be slowed down after rallying.

The rest of the army advanced to meet the Asur.
The Abomination rolled quite low and lagged behind the Stormvermin.

The Skaven magic phase started with Warp Lighting against my Swordmaster being dispelled by my Archmage, and I used my scroll to dispel another Warp Lightning directed towards the Silver Helms in the centre (I think he rolled quite high and it was the amplified version, 2D6 S5 hurt).
However the Warlock had a Storm Daemon and I only left one Dispel Dice so I failed the roll and 4 Helms died (I failed 4 armor saves at 4+ :cry: ). Ouch!

In the shooting phase the Jezzails failed all their rolls and the Cannon misfired trying to shoot my Chariot but...the misfire roll indicated that the Cannon whould shoot at maximum range with S10 :shock: in a random direction!
Unfortunately for the Elves, the Cannon's ray shot across the Spears and killed 4 of them Sad

Next post the turn 2!
Also, while I chose Life Lore to try it out and I put high hopes in Howling Wind to protect me from shooting and give me a movement advantage, I think High Magic would be a better choice here to cast Drain Magic on one Warlock and shut him down, and also because Flames of the Phoenix is way more threatening than a combined Stone/Wood + Thorns, and it forces the enemy to use power dice to dispel it.
I would lose the Thorns ability to target support teams and lone characters but I think it would have been worth.
Overall Life Lore was still a decent choice I believe.

My main mistake this turn was to flee with my Eagle! What was I thinking Shock
Edited by elendor on 17-04-2017 12:03
"They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library."
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
The report continues!

Turn 2 High Elves

Diagram of the turn:

At the start of the turn, the Skaven player declared that his BSB activated the Storm Banner that I could not remove due him dispelling Vaul's Unmaking.
The Storm Banner prevents Flying in the whole battlefield and applied a modifier of -2 to shooting based on BS. Shooting not based on BS has to roll 4+ to be able to shoot at all.

Going to charge declaration, I did not declare any charges. The only realistic charge I could have made was the Helms and/or the Dragon Princes against the Rat Swarms, but I thought I could blast them with magic, then use the Helms to distract the Abomination together with one Eagle and get my Dragon Princes in the rear of the Skaven army.
Not charging was a huge mistake because I could have charged alone with the Helms and kill the Swarm but freeing the way for my DPs.
Instead I maneuvered both units as seen in the diagram, thinking I would be out of the vision arc of the Swarm, forgetting the important fact that Swarms are skirmishers with 360 LOS .

The rest of the movement phase was my fleeing Eagle failing to rally, and I moved the remaining Silver Helm from the second unit to redirect the Stormvermin with Warlord and BSB away, reforming my Spears to 4x4 to get +3 bonus for full ranks, and moving my Swordmasters so they could go around the building and kill the wounded Rat Ogres. My Archmage left the SM unit and stayed close to the Spears.
In my right flank I moved the Ellyrion Reavers to threaten the Night Runners (another charge that I could have declared this turn but didn't).
My plan for next turn was charging the Clanrats with Spears and Chariot.

In the magic phase the Archmage casted Master of Wood succesfully against the Swarm causing 4 wounds, he followed with Father of Thorns (2D6 S3 which I hoped would end them) but he suffered a Miscast and suffered one wound. My next spell and the Vaul from the ring were both dispelled.
That is why I should not have relied on magic to deal with the Swarms, it would have been better to charge them with the Helms and use the Magic to try to decimate the Skaven infantry, hopefully causing some Panic tests.

My shooting was quite difficult because of the Storm Banner but I managed to deal the last wound on one Rat Ogre, so only one and her masters were up.

Turn 2 Skavens

Diagram of the turn:

The Skaven player rolled a 2 so the effect of his Storm Banner ended ( Grin ), and his Tunnel Team failed to emerge to the surface.

He declared a charge with the Swarm against the Silver Helms, hoping that they wouldn't inflict the 6 remaining wounds and be able to Overrun. A good call because it was quite unlikely that I would deal 6 wounds on one round.
The Doomflayer charged one Eagle, and the Stormvermin charged the poor lonely Silver Helm who task was to redirect them. In order to cover their flank, the Clanrats advanced.
Finally the Giant Rats declared a charge against my Reavers and was successful by one quarter of an inch :evil: .

In the compulsory moves phase the Abomination pivoted to face my cavalry and rolled like 13 inches with was enough to charge my Helms, something I completely didn't account for #-o .
The Helms passed their Terror check and prepared to fight a very difficult combat.
Notice that if I hadn't positioned my DPs behind the Helms I could have charged next turn the Poison Globes skaven guys.

Finally one of the Warlocks abandoned the Clanrats and moved behind the Japanese building.

In the magic phase I dispelled one Ray directed to my Archers but I couldn't dispel the one directed towards my SM (bad from my part not let pass the one towards the Archers) and killed 7 of them, but at least they passed their panic test because of the Blessed Tome.

The shooting was almost non existent as the Jezzails whiffed all their impact rolls.

In combat the skaven player got quite bad luck because his Giant Rats didn't kill a single Reaver and the Ellyrion riders killed 3 of them, getting a draw.
In the other flank, the swarms and the Abomination together managed to kill a single Helm in a spectacular display of bad rolls. This meant that the Helms actually won the combat! :shock: The Swarms were Unbreakable and the Abomination Stubborn, it passed its Break test so there was no run away.
Finally, the Doomflayer and the Stormvermin easily killed the Eagle and the heroic lonely Helm.

From my part, I made two key mistakes in hesitating to declare charges and relying on magic to deal with the Swarm which meant that my magic was not trying to wreak havoc in the Skaven forces so I could deal with them in combat.
Bad target selection and bad movement phase planning with my heavy cavalry Frown
Edited by elendor on 17-04-2017 12:04
"They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library."
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
Last turn because 3 turns is all we played in the 2 hours slot!

Turn 3 High Elves
Diagram of the turn:

So after my disastrous move in turn 2 I had to try and get something going in the centre, so I declared a charge with my Spears and Chariot against the Clanrats.
My opponent chose to hold because if he declared Flee I could redirect my charge to the flank of the Stormvermin.
I needed to break the Clanrats in one round because the Stormvermin had chosen not to Overrun (obviously) and I could not redirect them anymore, so next turn my Chariot was still in their vision arc.
I rallied my surviving Eagle and I had to decide how to solve the Dragon Princes complicated position.
Since the combat has gone so bad for the Skaven, 4 Helms had survived, but that meant my DPs could not charge into the combat this turn.
I decided to slide them to charge next turn (they were inmune to Panic due to Pure of Heart if the Helms broke), hoping that the Abomination would not kill 4 Helms in a single turn. However I forgot that with just 2 Helms killed he would win Unit Strength and as the Abomination caused Fear the Helms would autobreak, allowing the Abomination to charge my DPs next turn.

In the magic phase I started with Father of Thorns against the lonely Warlock Engineer, which the Skaven player let through and caused 4 wounds on the Warlock, killing him. The next spells were not successful or dispelled.
I kept shooting the Rat Ogres and I killed 2 of the masters and left the single Rat Ogre with 1 wound.

In the combat phase the Reavers managed to win and break against the Giant Rats, pursuing and destroying them.
In the opposite flank the Abomination got 6 attacks, caused 4 wounds from which I saved none at 5+, meaning that the Helms have been destroyed completely, freeing the Abomination to charge the DPs next turn.
In the centre the Chariot rolled for impacts, got a 2, made one wound that was saved at 6+ (hand weapon and shield mad skae the Clanrats AS 4+). Dissappointing.
Charioteers and horses did nothing, but the Spearelves managed 3 casualties and won the combat, taking one wound in return.
The clanrats had to pass a Break test against 6 and rolled double 1 and held. In any case the could re-roll because of the BSB, but this result spelled doom for my poor Spears.

Skavens Turn 3
Diagram of the turn:
The third turn of the rats started with the Skaven player failing his Tunnel Team roll again Grin .
The Night Runners charged one RBT, and the Stormvermin charged the flank of my Chariot.
In compulsory moves the Abomination rolled enough to charge the Dragon Princes, and the rest of the movements was the Doomflayer moving to threaten the Swordmasters, the Slaves advancing together with the surviving Warlock Engineer and the last Rat Ogre holding position.

In the magic phase the Warlock tried to blast the Swordmasters but his spell was dispelled by the Archmage.
Shooting saw the Cannon blasting with mighty S2 the Reavers, causing 0 casualties (the Reavers were definitely the MVPs for the Elves Smile ) and the Jezzails failing again all their impact rolls.

In combat the Night Runners killed one member of the RBT crew, who didn't Break.
Really bad news for the Elves came in the form of the Abomination charge wiping every single Dragon Prince (I could not make an Armor Save to save my life, literally), and the Noble managed to wound the Abomination but it regenerated the Wounds. The Noble had to autobreak due to losing Unit Strength against a Fear causing unit, and fled but not off the table.
In the centre the Warlord destroyed the Chariot, the rats didn't kill any elf and the Spears killed 1 Stormvermin and 0 Clanrats, so they rolled for Break, failed and had to flee, being pursued and destroyed by the Clanrats.

We had run out of time so the battle had to end here, with a decisive victory to the Skavens. The last funny moment happened when my opponent had to roll because of the Warpstone Amulet of his general, 2+ to survive, and rolled a 1, meaning that he was dead on the ground. Typical Skaven Wink .

The battle was a lot of fun and props to my opponent because he was really enjoyable to play against, I hope I can get a grudge match next time!
I think he used my errors in the cavalry flank really well to get a deserved victory Grin
For my part, although it was my first battle in a very long time, I made really silly mistakes with misjudging charges and maneuvers, but I learned hard lessons so next time I will play better.

Thanks for reading!

Another picture of the battle:
Edited by elendor on 17-04-2017 12:08
"They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library."
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
It was a good read, and I am glad that you were able to roll some dice once again for the 6th. The diagrams were done particularly well. Feel free to add the other games as well if you kept any notes on them.
Your Benevolent dictator

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Excellent battle report! Those Skaven are really tough to face, and overall I think you noted well where a changed decision could've swung things.

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures and play by play. Thank you for posting this!
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