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Lost & Damned Aspiring Champions
I have a couple rules queries about the Lost & Damned army list from Codex: Eye of Terror.

The entry for Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion notes: "Each Champion must be allocated to lead a unit of Traitors or Mutants prior to deployment."

Clearly, since there is a unit in Troops called Traitors and a unit called Mutants, this is very clear.

However, would it be able to be interpreted as any Traitor unit, specifically Traitor Recon? I think as written in a strict sense, No. In a loose sense (or playing for fun sense) would having an Aspiring Champion assigned to a unit of Traitor recon (namely Roughriders) be out of the question?

My idea is to have an Aspiring Champion of Slaanesh leading a unit of Roughriders that use the Hellstriders of Slaanesh minis. I think it would just be cool. However, I think by a strict reading of the rules, it says an Aspiring Champion can only lead "Traitors", not any "Traitor" unit (inclusion/lack of inclusion of letter "s"Wink.

What do you think?
Just Tony
If there was a possibility of that, then either under the Recon unit OR the AC unit there would be an option for a mounted champ with points values. I'll look up myself in a bit, and edit accordingly
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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