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New blood
Just Tony
So a soldier at my unit is motivated to get into 40K. He's eyeballing the Tau, and was looking at a few newer boxed sets. Now the issue comes from us playing 3rd predominantly. I'm trying to have him keep in mind what does or doesn't exist in 3rd, and how to basically set his army up with a build that might be a bit more... ubiquitous for all editions. The problem lies in the fact that viable Tau units are DRASTICALLY different between editions. I'm also leaning on basically adopting the 4th Ed. Tau book for 3rd Ed. since not much is really different except a couple units.
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Good luck in your recruitment, Tony.
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Another way to pull off Tau in 3rd edition 40k is to allow Imperial Armour 3. The book is awesome for Tau as is, and may give more flavor/fun than just using the 4th edition Tau book. I find Imperial Armour 3 really fits the 3rd edition "feel" even though technically it's a 4th edition book.
Just Tony
Well, apparently he had his eye on some low auctions for some FW stuff, so if he sinks money into it I'd be willing to accommodate despite my personal feelings about FW stuff.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Personally 3rd edition + Imperial Armour 3 is my preferred setup for Tau in 3rd/early 4th edition. The only things you really miss out on from the 4th edition codex are Vespid, Sinper Drones and the special issue battlesuit weapons and support systems, especially if you also allow the Chapter Approved rules for rail rifles, and you get a bunch of extra Forgeworld units (including extra Kroot units) in exchange.

I understand having reservations given the reputation Forgeworld stuff has, but aside from the aircraft most of the Tau stuff seems pretty tame to me. The Drone Sentry Turrets, variant Hammerhead weapons and Heavy Gun Drones are all more characterful gimmicks than anything, and all three compete with railgun armed units for Force Organisation slots. The most competitive options I can see in it are Piranhas and Skyrays (which are mostly the same as they are in the 4th edition codex) and Tetras (which are far from game-breaking).

I also strongly recommend that he magnetises weapon options if possible (pinning them works too). Crisis Suits in particular are generally consistently useful across editions, but the optimal weapons loadouts change in different editions. Thus, magnetising will go a long way to keeping his army effective in any edition.
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Just Tony
Bear in mind he also doesn't have a very big budget for getting into the game, and is working within those criteria. I figure he can ebay up a bunch of Fire Warriors and a few of the supporting units on the cheap, but even aftermarket the Forgeworld stuff isn't cheap.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Just Tony
Minor update: This weekend I had a game with the Sergeant who was part of the 40K double date I did in the BatRep section. He had scored an Eldar army on the cheap and ran that at 1,000 points against my Crimson Fists Saturday night. Close battle with me losing. I also gave him FAR more Mulligans than I would have given another player.

The end result is him wanting to purchase all the books he needs for that edition as well as him watching an auction with a ridiculous amount of 3rd Ed. relevant Eldar models.

The other guy, who claims to still be peripherally interested in one day doing Tau, has decided that rank and flank tactics may be more his speed, and is itching to invest in an Empire army.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Good if they can get involved with you.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog
Been getting some more "recruits" around here, our gaming circle has grown nicely (all sixth edition, if you can find officially printed rules for a unit or character, it's in.) Gives a big boost using the white dwarf characters etc since we're running 3200 point games every time. So far we have all the sixth fantasy armies represented and then some.

Myself: Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarfs, Bretonnians, Empire, Lizardmen, and the beginnings of a High Elves Army

Player 2: Chaos (mortals and demons), Lizardmen, Skaven, Wood Elves. His son also plays with us

Player 3: Orcs and Goblins, Vampire Counts, and Dark Elves

Player 4: Dwarfs

Player 5: Beasts of Chaos

Player 6: Chaos and Wood Elves

Player 7: Chaos and High Elves

Player 8: Empire

Plus a few non collectors that like to play, with having nine armies and for a few of them, I have multiple lists, depending on the player's ideal set up, it makes it fun for everyone.
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