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Forgot i had another army
Just found around a 2k point Bretonian army in my basement. Once I've repaired and painted them I'll share some pics
Just Tony
Now THAT is the kind of thing that's great to find.

When I did the great purge, I was positive I had sold off that Mordheim female vampire hunter fig that my ex had painted up for my VC army. Lo and behold, diving for bits at my brother's house, I found her stored with a few other signature models that I didn't want to get rid of.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Quite a find indeed. I would like to see the pics of them once they are done.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
i just started the painting, so it'll be a couple weeks. I think I lost the tail to my griffon somewhere, going to be a hard piece to replace. I already bought the rider on ebay for the King Louen model. just need to find about 20 knights, 8 pegasus knights, a trebuchet, and a fey enchantress to have the army i want
Are you going full GW models? It'll be hard to find those Bretonnians at a decent price now.
That is one of the things that I am doing is to transition to another manufacturer for anything that I want to do with the Empire or Bretonian. The other reason is that I think that there are better looking human figures out there in my opinion.

Honestly I have not found a better set of elves yet than what I see in the older GW models, nor have I found anything that I like for ONG or Dwarves, and I am looking for a better Wood Elf set that fits well with my other armies.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
I actually scored 31 knights including three grail knights for around 150. Got the parts for the Griffin, green knight, Morgan Le fey and a trebuchet on the way as well

In case anyone wanted to see whatever happened to this found army. It's been built up to a solid 3200 with options.
Just Tony
That is fantastic. I'm both anticipating AND dreading getting a Bret army again.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Thanks. It was fun to paint, but I'm done with it for good i think lol
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