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Four player 3200 point per army battle
This took a few more hours than I thought. Mainly because the one player wasn't completely set up for play, plus two new players (one bought a full 4k point Dwarf army from me a few months ago, finally got it out) So it was 6 pm - 3am for the three turns, it'll start speeding up now i think. I'm not too good at these but this is how it went so far:

Armies as follows (first two are mine, so i know the builds better):

Tomb Kings 3200 points


2 Liche Priests
Liche High Priest on Casket
Tomb Prince

6 Chariots
25 Bowmen
20 Spearmen with undying legion
4 tomb swarms
13 tomb guard containing khalida and the prince
3 scorpions
3 ushabti
bone giant
screaming skull catapult


Fey Enchantress
Green Knight

Knights of the realm 2 units of 9
30 bowmen
20 men at arms
12 grail knights
7 pegasus knights
2 trebuchets


Runelord on Anvil


19 rangers
10 crossbowmen
25 thunderers
16 longbeards
25 ironbreakers (subbed in hammerers because he hadn't assembled the breakers to their bases)
organ gun


Lord on Chaos Dragon
Sorcerer on foot (lvl4)
Hero in one unit

10 Chosen Knights
25 Chosen warriors
3 Dragon Ogres
3 Chaos Trolls
3 Chariots
Chaos Giant

Teaching both the Tomb King's player and Dwarf's player how to play, refresher on the chaos player, who hasn't played since 5th. 6th edition rules, with whatever you can find for unit/character rules (existing in 6th, wd, whichever) you can use.

So far the Bretonnians are getting pounded on, but I expected that since I am the only one that has been playing a lot, so I will be their target for the most part.

At the end of Turn three currently:

Bretonnia has lost most of it's Pegasus Knights, all the bowmen ran away from the chaos dragon (surprise lol), and there's been some damage done to a couple units of knights, but the blockaded Grail Knights are free to charge once more. A trebuchet also self destructed.
Tomb Kings have lost their Bone Giant, Chariots, and most of the ushabti. One scorpion was buried too deep, so it won't arrive. one left to emerge.
Chaos has lost their giant, one of the Dragon Ogres, and about half their Knights
Dwarfs have lost a couple models here and there, but nothing significant, think they're going easy on them since the player is just learning
Just Tony

I admire that 3,200 points was the teaching level. I start out at 1,000 with any new players I induct.

Still, it looks promising. I'd have loved to see a play by play.
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To finish it off, here's the end of it. This is a couple turns into it.

Longbeards got themselves into helping out the Fey Enchantress (wrong model, but she's on her way.)

Tomb guard took a beating from the Dwarfs, With their Banner and Priest dead, the Kings started to falter. A lucky shot from the dwarf cannon completely destroyed the casket of souls Liche High Priest, right after that the Knights broke the Chaos warriors on the charge, overrunning them in the process, that's about when we knew where the game was going to go.

He wanted to play to the bitter end, so this is where we ended up. Sword of Change took out the Fey Enchantress, but by then there was nothing left to back her up
LOL. Nothing like throwing a noob into the deep end of the pool. Multiple player games always bog down in my experience. I don't remember any of these games getting finished when playing a multi player game. Keep at it.
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We've finished the three we played so far. This one we had to come back to though
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