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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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Name is Chris, Iím fairly new to Warhammer/Wargaming (about 2 years in, but more like 1 year of actually playing)

My play group hoped on fantasy just when sigmar came out, but we were t interested in Sigmar so we went with the now oop franchise. We mostly play 8th edition but maybe you all can convince us to make the switch to 6th (I see it is more popular here)

Anyway I look forward to jumping in on the fantasy discussions!
Just Tony
Welcome! As much as I'd love to sway EVERY player to 6th, it's best to get a feel for what the game provides and go from there. Following the in-crowd leads to AOS, and we can't have that Wink
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No worries on that front. I have NO interest in aos, nor does my play group. If the bases are round itís 40k.
You don't like sigmarines? Lol.

Welcome. I prefer the no 10k models per unit and magic not deleting full units, hence why i stick with 6th. It felt your army selection, deployment, and strategy all counted in whether you are winning or losing
Welcome to the site Gangland.

8th and 6th are pretty different beasts I found, with 8th being more of a slog-fest and 6th having units breaking and running more frequently. Both have their ups and downs, and trying to transition between them is awkward at first, so don't be too put off if you find your initial 6th experience to not be quite what you'd expect.
Welcome to the forum. Much has already been said by Geep Br-icy and Tony that I agree with. The best way that I would define the difference, other than the obvious rules of course, is that the feel of the game is different.

I have always thought that the editions between the 4th and the 7th were more in line with what they brought out for Warhammer Ancient Battle. In that game you are more or less fielding basically a cohort size of troops, or a battalion size these days. That would mean that most of the units that you field range between 20 to 100 in numbers depending on the unit involved. In the 8th it feels that the units are reacting more like the battalions and you are fielding more or less a brigade sized game if that make any sense. This makes the style of play to be significantly different between the two editions so much that it really is the difference between apples and oranges.
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