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Enter the neophyte
Hello all, A coworker friend of mine suggested this site (Just Tony). As for myself, i have been modestly involved in Warhammer 40K since 1995. Sporadically until 5th ed., then more consistently there after. I am primarily a 6th ed lover but play 8th with my significant other. Ive invested over $25,000 in the game; models, scenery, table tops, etc. I do not mean this to be a braggart but rather to show i simply love this game despite issues we can all find or love with every edition.

I speak with Just Tony fairly frequently on his love of 3rd and we recount our gaming exploits and candidly discuss varying opinions therin. He suggested i explore your community and i hope to find like minded players who simply love playing the game rather than the win at all costs mentality.

Army-wise, my primary cash sink was Blood Angels with more than a full battle company and support units. Tagging in with Astra Militarum at 80 infantry or so plus slew of tanks, a small adeptus mechanicus group and 4 knights.

My second love is of chaos, mostly nurgle and death guard units. I have 2 warhounds, one painted to match death guard and one loyalist on the cusp of renegade pearched on a imperial fists rhino. Of course a battle company of Thousand Sons Infantry and characters (though im working on the tank side now).

I have a huge Tau collection replete with 15 or so battlesuits of various type and 70 Fire warriors, and significant list of other models. Necron army with over 120 infantry, monolith, and various other items. Eldar which i think total 3K in points. yadda yadda.

I found myself making endless purchases because i wanted to mimic Dawn of War on table top and to allow friends without the disposable income a chance to try out armies and see if the game was for them. I believe even with GW's short falls, that this game is a wonderful alternative to wasting money at a bar or on trivial pursuits that cannot last. Albeit that is totally subjective and some enjoy things i dont. I respect that.

I am glad to see a forum that will enjoy the game in all forms, even the older versions.
Thanks for having me.
Just Tony
Agree with Sokar, he's good people.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Welcome to the site Sokar

I've also done the 'purchase enough to be able to easily introduce others' trick, but finding people willing to give it a shot is the hard part.
Welcome to the board. In the event that you and JT start rolling dice, please do take pictures and provide a battle report.
Your Benevolent dictator

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Just Tony
Psssshhhhhhhhh, you say that like it wouldn't happen anyway...
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Agreed, getting people into the game that weren't already leaning towards it can be difficult. I've described it as a universe similar to Halo played on table top to get some players interested. Usually its getting them to break the "nerd game" scotoma they have about our hobby. Then there's the price point lol. What are we to do?

Thanks for the welcome gentlemen.

As for pictures... of course. However, getting us to play a game may be difficult. Not that I wouldn't enjoy a game with him. I have followed into 8th ed and enjoy enough of it to play it. I do however see Tony's point of view. Some of the changes are plain ridiculous. Though I wont ever rule a game out. (tony, maybe you should slide down here to my line at work and we can just do mini games eh?)

Otherwise for pictures, would anybody be interested in seeing and sharing pictures of home built terrain?
I'm down to see some terrain.
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