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Let's see those armies
I'm getting sort of satisfied with my ten armies model selection. Most are painted for each one, but i'll list any not in the cases at the time of the photos.

High Elves, all in the display, would like some Reavers for it, and maybe a couple more characters, but otherwise good.

Lizardmen, 24 red crested skinks in the paint box, hand weapons and shields, otherwise done

Dwarfs, Garagrim, Ungrim, Burlock, Kragg, and Kazador are in the paint box along with a few crossbowmen

Bretonnians, all in

Empire, all in

Vampires, Nefrata isn't in the case, along with a mounted Nech. Vampire and more metal grave guard

Tomb Kings, all in

Chaos, six furies missing from the case

Ogres, all in

Skaven, all but the second ratling in, Skrolk and Ikit in the mail

Have a few DoW units so far, if they pop up cheap, i'll get them:

Tuchi Huichi's raiders x6
Long Drong's Pirate Slayers x12
Gotrek and Felix
Goblin Hewer
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Just Tony
How MANY Reavers you want? I'm sitting on two five man regiments right now with full command that I rarely field, if ever. That, and I'd rather have the plastics for them as my detestation of pewter is the stuff of legends by now.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Haha, I want the IoB sets, they're really nice looking. I have one pewter one already, but i am in the same boat as you for the pewter. Not sure why people like it so much, think it's just the weight, it chips easily, the glue takes forever to dry (5 minute epoxy works wonders for keeping it together, so give and take there) and if you drop it on the floor, you gotta reglue it. the Casket of Souls recently hooked my shirt with the weapon in his hand and flew off the table, that was an hour down the drain lol
Concerning Pewter, it depends on the model more than anything else for me. I am looking at building an Empire army now, and plastic would essentially be Perry's or Warlord. Neither either has the right look in either size as in the Perry's or in period as in Warlord. I am working on getting some Perry's done so I will withhold judgment until then. I guess that the heroic scale of GW has spoiled me quite a bit.

I am not going GW for this because I just don't like what they have out there in plastic, Empire among other models actually. I even became turned off of the Empire from the 6th and older, as I am looking for a more rustic look than what you normally see. Right size, wrong type as I am looking for a more of a War of the Roses look to my Empire army.

That leaves the pewter manufacturers, and for the most part there are quite a few that appear to be good pewter models that seem to fit each other so that you have variety of plastics but with pewter instead. I am not sold either way right now, but it is looking more towards a pewter army until something new comes out.

As far as models breaking, I have never had my metal miniatures break apart. Then again, Dwarves are usually one piece pewter models so they don't normally break. I always coat my models with a varnish when they are done, so no chipping there either. Unfortunately this is one of the reasons why it takes so damn long for me to finish anything. That and the whole not paint thing.
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I just hated painting empire in general, they're such a run of the mill army, humans, cannons, horses. A couple pieces i found fun were the War Altar, Flagellants, and the Elector Count on a Griffon, the entire rest of the army was a chore to slog through. But it looks decent on the shelf as a coherent army. I might even play it once in a while lol.

I love to relax for a couple hours here and there and paint everyday to unwind. So I unfortunately burn through my workload very fast, which is good for some things, but on the wallet, not so much.
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