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Skaven vs Orcs and Goblins

Didn't take any more pictures, but I do remember a bunch of the game.

Skaven turn one, Ikit decides to miscast making him unable to cast further spells, only a warp lightning and a death frenzy on the storm vermin go off, three trolls get fried, on regenerates. Some goblins and a couple boar riders fall to the warp lightning cannon on the left edge and the jezzails on the right. right hand cannon fires 12 inches (6 1s on the dice)

Orc turn one, Spider riders fail their animosity and do nothing, Trolls are stupid. Foot of Gork stomps the plague monks, killing five. Magic otherwise useless.

Skaven turn two, 4/6 spells were cast with skaven irresistible force...I laugh maniacally since I have never seen that before (total of 13 on the dice for it) Plague goes off on the black orcs, killing ten. fails to continue. Warp Lightning fries a bunch of Savage Orcs and Boar Riders. Boar Riders flee. Shooting kills some of the goblins. Fanatics are released on the right hand clanrat unit. Two impact, both times the engineer fails look out sir, he died, unit loses eleven clanrats and breaks. Other fanatics released on Boneripper and the globadiers in the forest, Boneripper and a globadier die. Ratling gun blows up.

Orc turn two, savage orcs charge the stormvermin and ikit, does not go in their favor. Black Orcs charge the Plague monks, Plague monks break the Black orcs, didn't catch them in the overrun. Boars rally. Spider riders charge the globadiers, killing three, they break. Foot of Gork goes off, killing a couple stormvermin. Get em Boyz goes off on the black orcs, Killing a ton of Plague Monks, too bad they didn't kill many during the cc phase, wouldn't have went as bad.

Sorry about the lack of pics, was trying to have a quick game, forgot about it. Only got to play two turns due to time restrictions, but with the amount of death in the first two turns, Skaven took the win.
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Just Tony
Honestly, I think from here on out I will have to have a third person at my games SOLELY to take pics and write down results per turn.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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