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Insane house
A friend of mine recently redid his basement with a 25'x6' table. He has invited the 6th warhammer crew over to play a game (split into three or four separate games on the table) Our plan being a massive Chaos incursion with whatever armies for defence that people want to bring. He's super excited about us coming, and has decided that he will field my Lahmian Vampire Counts. I made him a list from the regular book, but added in Nefrata as his general (wanted more raising than the Lahmian appendix allows since it's missing a Master Necromancer) I'm pretty sure Dwarfs are involved, but not sure who else will be coming for the other two spots on the table.

just to give you an idea of the scope of the game room, missing probably the last six feet of table:

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Just Tony

I think I just peed a little...
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Ikr? there's more to the room on all sides there's floor to ceiling terrain, the wall where i am standing taking the pic has a full 3 3/4" Roherium(sp?) charge against an orc charge on one shelf, army men with sand and bunkers on another shelf, etc. insane.
First of all. I better see a bat rep on this with plenty of pictures. Youtube link would be best. Secondly, that is a very nice setup. I have only seen a few of those, and yes they were all basements. Given the soil, basements are not really en vogue down in the south, but I remember when I used to live up north an a basement was the greatest invention since sliced bread. One of these days maybe.
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I will post when we get it organised. Eight people on a single day isn't the easiest to arrange.
Just Tony
You need a scribe.

Hell, MY BROTHER AND I need a scribe.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Plans have been made for saturday afternoon. Can't wait
One thing we're trying is the super cheese Dwarfs 6.5 list (new player) Thorek, anvil, gyro, tons of guns and King Kazador to lead them with his super bullcrap 1+ armour save with rerolls and D6 wounds lol. Tons of Longbeards...Want to see how it fares.
so the battle is set three pitched battles:
Skaven (Skyre) vs Khorne
Vampire Counts (Lahmian) vs Tzeentch
Dwarfs vs Nurgle
Just Tony
I'm either going to be validated or refuted by this, so I will be watching with GREAT interest.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
The day was a success, battle report on the other hand not so much. Too much to do with answering questions from the new players and trying to get my game in at the same time.

The Battlefield: Closest Khorne vs skaven, middle Vampires vs Tzeentch, and end Dwarfs vs Nurgle.


Nurgle and Dwarfs got a headstart on us, mainly because i was unpacking three other armies after they were out and about.





They ended up playing two games to our one. I had a lot of questions being thrown my way, so the Vampires vs Tzeentch took a bit longer than the others, still fun though. Our Nurgle player doesn't fancy 6.5 thorek or the 6.5 anvil at all anymore lol. We usually house rule the 6.0 anvil into the 6.5 book and it balances ok, so we'll return to that. Not to mention the Dwarf player has been playing wargames for a few decades, and so has gotten very good at range guessing with the artillery.

Tzeentch vs Lahmia. You can see we like to run fluffy, special character lists. Nefrata and "badly painted" were leading the charge on that side, she is not fun to play against, but humourous to see her seducing people left and right. The chosen knights got surrounded and beaten by the black knights and grave guard, getting run down in the process, later Egrimm decided that he didn't want to play today and ended up running off the table. Solid Vampire victory.








Skaven vs Khorne was a pretty fair match. Archaon was leading the Khorne, with Ikit Claw and Thanqoul on the other side. I am pretty sure Khorne ended up blasting it's way through near the end, but I made sure that the three of us on the chaos side were going to have a challenge against the lists on the opposite side, and it worked. The Khorne victory was a hard fought one.





Just Tony wrote:

I'm either going to be validated or refuted by this, so I will be watching with GREAT interest.

I knew going in that the anvil was going to be shit. It was, Nurgle player does not want to ever play against it again lol
Just Tony
Just nice to see some validation. I'm also planning on loading up on Longbeards and run that 6.5 book to full effect to show just how much it skews balance in the game.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
talking more with the nurgle player, dwarfs were shooting on unmodified 3s all game as well lol, no wonder he didn't get across the board
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