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Reports from Mordheim
A local gaming club has started a Mordheim league with 15 people. We'll be playing roughly 1 game a week for 12 weeks, plus a few special events.

My first outing was with a Reiklander warband against Witch Hunters. I was smashed. I had some luck early in the game, taking out a Witch Hunter with a crossbow bolt critical hit (3 6's in a row), which completely killed the model post-game as well, but that was pretty much it. He had 5 War Hounds, which I hoped to kill early to break him, but double-charging them didn't even get me a single knocked down dog. In return the dogs were brutal, and injury rolls very much against me. 7 of my 11 guys were brought down in short order, including three of my heroes. I managed to eventually claw down 1 more of his dogs, but had to route before I even brought him to a break test.
Post game results were not good for me- the scenario plus my search roll netted me 3 wyrdstone, but 1 hero and 3 henchman (mostly my expensive guys) all died. My opponent, on the other hand, escaped with ~8 wyrdstone and gained a free hired sword for his next game. I deemed my warband too badly hurt, and retired it.

For my next game I brought a Possessed warband, with my opponent being Lizardmen. This was a wyrdstone hunt, with 4 shards in a roughly square pattern, mostly at ground level. My Mutants picked up the two closest shards and went to hide, while the Possessed and Darksoul tried to beat up his skinks to steal his wyrdstone. My Darksoul immediately impaled himself on the spear of the Skink he was fighting (critical hit, out of action), while the possessed failed to do anything more than knock down their Skink opponents (sometimes I think I should give up on all dice-based games). A lone Saurus passed its fear check to counter-charge a Possessed and, of course, immediately scored a critical hit to take it out of action (normally possessed are very tough with 2 wounds, it takes a lot of fighting to bring one down... normally). My other possessed at least managed to take his Skink opponent out of action. I passed my break test, and was left in a tough situation, trying to decide if I could down one more skink to force a break test from my opponent. I thought I had a good chance, but his leadership was pretty high and the dice had again been pretty unkind to me, so I elected to route while I still had 4 heroes standing.
Post game all I suffered was my possessed becoming Stupid (so close to Frenzy, which would have been awesome), while my opponent suffered nothing at all. I managed better than him on my looting rolls regardless of losing, getting 100gc, which I spent on gaining a second Darksoul and otherwise equipping my warriors a bit better (Possessed are expensive, most of my warriors went into this game near-naked and I still only had 6 guys).

Next game will be roughly a week from today, facing Lizardmen again- but this time a list with a Kroxigor Shock
Just Tony
Kroxigor? Not sure what Possessed have to face that...
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
My next two games have been played.

The first was against Lizardmen with a Kroxigor, as mentioned previously. The scenario was wyrdstone hunt, with 3 pieces, and the board set-up mostly in my favour- though my opponent got the first turn.
I underestimated the speed of the skinks, so despite my position advantage he stole 2 of the 3 pieces out from under my nose and then hid behind his Kroxigor. My possessed which was stupid from a previous injury failed its leadership test multiple times (on 8's and 7's, as I tried to keep my leader nearby) and so barely left my deployment zone. My dice stayed true to their usual tricks and I couldn't wound any Kroxigor or Saurus, but was crumped in return losing a Darksoul (Kroxigor) and Mutant (brought low by a hail of javelins and multiple critical hits). I finally managed to catch and stun a wyrdstone-holding Skink with magic, but before I could follow up the Kroxigor went and crumped my Magus too. I still had the potential to grab a shard or two before routing, but the dice didn't allow it as I failed my leadership test.
In total: 1 Darksoul died, my Magus lost an eye and a Mutant had to miss the next 2 games, in exchange of which a Skink was mildly bruised and I gained 3 shards (after post-game rolls).
It could have easily been much better, but the dice sidelining my best Possessed and a ridiculous failure to wound, parry or make lucky charm rolls made that rather one sided.

My second game was against Dwarf Treasure Hunters, with Surprise Attack. I got lucky as Dwarfs are notoriously slow and only 3 of his Heroes started on the board vs my (mostly) full Warband. I tried to capitalise on this and crossed the board as quickly as possible, losing a wound off each possessed thanks to pistols, but everyone made it into combat. Then the Dwarfs started pummeling me. During the whole game I failed to wound either his Leader or Engineer, as they knocked down their various opponents one by one (fortunately weight of numbers prevented him finishing any off). His Wizard hired-sword fought off two Dark Souls, taking 1 out of action, but was then brought low by a Possessed. Eventually the rest of his warband arrived and came to help finish off my pathetic lot, though not before I got lucky and my Stupid Possessed (held back by again failing Ld8 tests) killed his Ogre hired-sword that had come in from reserves. For the first time so far the Dwarfs had to pass a route test before I did, but of course nothing came of it. Then the steel-toed Dwarven boots went in and my Magus and a Possessed went out. I voluntarily routed before even more of his guys piled in.
I'm pretty unhappy about this game- my nearly complete warband against 2 Dwarfs and a Wizard, and they *eventually* took out the Wizard. This game could hardly have been more in my favour, but my warriors may as well all be equipped with pool noodles for the damage they cause.
In the post-game I gained 2 shards and both my Magus and Possessed have to miss the next game. It could have been worse, but it means I have a grand total of 4 warriors fighting next game, one of which is Stupid and has shown an amazing ability to ignore likelihoods in whether to fail that test. I purposefully did not recruit more members this game, though I intend to soon, as I plan to just lose a henchman and route next game before I get even more hurt- after which I'll actually have something of a Warband again.

For advancements my Magus now has the ability to wear armour and cast, both my Possessed are Resilient (basically +1T in combat), 1 Mutant has Step Aside, Jump Up and Strike to Injure, my other Mutant has +1WS (now 4) and my Dark Souls gained +1 Ld (now 7- which is completely useless as they automatically pass all Ld checks).
Another battle done

With half my warband sitting this one out my hopes weren't high, but I was facing a pretty beaten up Brettonian warband of only 7 models, mostly peasants.
The scenario was a basic skirmish.
My lone possessed failed it's leadership test repeatedly again, slowing everyone down as I couldn't really do without it.
My Dark Souls (2 models) and mutant advanced behind cover (the Brett peasants were mostly bowmen, and quite advanced ones).
Once the possessed finally got moving I broke cover (well, moved behind walls and other obstacles ready to charge next turn).
His archers concentrated on the possessed, and stripped a wound (4's and 5's, plus I had a lucky charm, damn luck). He got the charge of two spearmen, one each, into my Dark Souls. For combat he then, of course, immediately got critical hits with both spearmen and took out both Dark Souls.
I decided to flee.
I did not get to make a single attack roll against him.

One Dark Soul was permanently dead, and I gained a whole 2 shards for my efforts.

For advancements my possessed gained a wound, which is great, and my remaining Dark Soul gained +1WS (now 3), which is pretty poor.

I'm sick of my crappy luck and particularly poor Dark Soul performance, so have decided to let them die out and bought a beastman instead. He costs the same as my 'advanced' Dark Souls. I fully expect, of course, that much like the possessed he'll attract critical hits that strip both his wounds in 1 hit anyway...

My next game is against one of the highest rated warbands- a large and very experienced pit fighters warband, with an opponent who has a reputation for good luck and scoring many critical hits. No doubt I can help him continue this record.
Just Tony
Go buy a new brick of dice. Might not help, but the placebo effect is strong. Not only that, but Chessex has some really pretty ones nowadays. I had to cave and get a brick of Golden Recon myself.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
So... that last game was quite a blast.
My full, mighty warband of 7 models/ warband rating ~114 was up against the leading Pitfighters, with 11 models (including Ogre) and a warband rating of ~180.

The mission was breakthrough, and I chose to be the defender, intending to lose but hopefully nip of one or two of his slower models for the XP. He deployed heavily on the middle/left (from my perspective), so I went fairly centrally to the board and a little right (my view) to encourage the him making the run down the flank.

The game started as expected, with him going down said flank and my stupid possessed failing 2 ld tests (at 8's) in order to be as useless as possible. As my other members got close enough to put the squeeze on he suddenly changed tactics and became more aggressive, multi-charging my lead possessed (black blood) and a Mutant (spikes) with his Ogre. Thus began the largest number of flubbed rolls I have seen for a very, very long time. No one went down, so my Dark Soul and Beastman helped out the Possessed, my Magus went for the Ogre, and my other mutant (scorpion tail) tried to hold a flank. Two Pitfighter henchman went down, with no loss. The Pitfighters counter-charged, getting in some of their more powerful guys into my weaker (ie. not possessed) models. Again though, dice were mostly a flub- I lost a wound off the Beastman, and a wound of the black blood possessed- who's blood helped account for another Pitfighter (he was swamped in enemy).
This continued on for a few more turns, until suddenly my Magus and scorpion-tail mutant went OOA. I was tempted to voluntarily route, but then suddenly 3 more of his pitfighters, including his rather insanely awesome Pitlord, became knocked down or stunned- and I was in a good position to clean them up. I gambled, and passed the route test to stay.
My stupid possessed finally passed a Ld test, and found itself in charge range of the downed Pitlord. 2 S4 and 1 S5 attack later and... nothing. My other possessed split its attacks, taking out 1 regular pitfighter and, again, failing to wound the pitlord. The Beastman charged and took down yet another pitfighter minion while the dark soul again failed to wound the Pitlord...
My spiked mutant was doing very well vs his Ogre, getting him down to 1 wound.
The Pitlord very annoyingly got back up, and another horde of pitfighters engaged. The Pitlord smacked the Black Blood possessed, knocking him down and again taking out another pitfighter with blood (plus a wound off the other possessed, and knocking down the Dark Soul). Somehow the downed guys still survived, and a few more Pitfighters fell. The claw-armed possessed still failed to do a damned thing, then failed its stupidity test in its turn.
At this point things had been brutal- I had 2 heroes OOA, he had 4 models left including the 1 wound Ogre.
The tide turned for the Pitfighters a little bit, however, as by the end of my turn I had 3 models knocked down (black blood possessed, Dark Soul and spike mutant), no doubt about to get stomped. He just had to pass his route test first and... he failed.
On the edge of a literally crushing victory the Pitfighters ran!
I scored my first win of this campaign, and it was against the highest rated warband there was!

Post-game hurt though. My leader became stupid (woo, more tests to fail at a ridiculous rate), and my scorpion-tailed mutant died. The XP was great though- particularly for the black blood possessed, which gained +1A and Might Blow (so now has 3 Str 5 attacks).
The pitfighters lost 2 henchmen, and a few heroes were battered in mostly minor ways. A dwarf troll slayer became T3, and one 2A flail-armed guy got multiple injuries- only to gain frenzy and miss 1 game! The same model also gained Bulging Biceps, so that's a 4 attack, always S6 powerhouse of a model.

I gained 87 gold (4 shards and a purse), allowing me to replace the Scorpion mutant (minus light armour and lucky charm) and still keep a little coin in the bank. It may not have been the best spent money, but I like the model I made for that hero.

The pitfighters didn't earn enough to replace either henchman, and have now been solidly knocked from the top of the ladder.

I think the hero loss makes the game an overall negative for me (I don't think I've rolled 40+ for a post-game injury roll yet, and 2 stupid characters when the opponent got frenzy from the same thing is annoying!). Still, I'm pretty happy- it was a damn tight game and a narrow but satisfying (and first!) win!

My next game will be against Tomb Guardians. I'm not too worried, as he's one of the only warbands lower than mine, but his Tomb Prince is insane- S5, T5, 2A, 4 wounds... I need to stay away from him and smash the lesser skeletons quickly, hopefully breaking him before that monster carves too many of my guys apart. Unfortunately, although undead can't run, I expect my 2 stupid characters to both spend most of the game standing pretty still, as usual (I think I'm on ~5 passed Ld test out of 4 games now, mostly on 8's).
Another game, and another strong urge to melt my dice into a single, sludgy mass.

Things started very well- My Khemrian opponent rolled the 'Breakthrough' scenario, and then decided to be the one doing the running. With nothing but M4 undead who can't march this gave me plenty of time to deal with them.
My opponent then deployed in two blobs- the blob on my left having the weaker tomb guardian, 3 skeletons and the liche priest, the blob on my right having his 2 actually good tomb guardians, adept and tomb lord. I couldn't understand why he deployed in this way- there was also a building between the two blobs so they could not support each other.

I placed my Magus and 3 Wound/stupid possessed on the right, to try and keep that side lured forward as I (hopefully) quickly beat up his much weaker side (where all of my other models were). This plan worked, as far as his initial movement went.

I was able to line up charges against 3 skeletons on the left, and my possessed went for the tomb guardian. Things were initially good, with two skeletons OOA, but the possessed mostly whiffing.
On the right my stupid models mostly failed their stupidity tests, and continued to be the bait I expected them to be.

He continued to advance pretty blindly still, but his Liche Priest had the insane 'sand' spell (7's to cast, target is immediately knocked down), so that saw a mutant taken out by coup de grace with ridiculous ease. In the other combats my models all flobbed their attacks (mostly 2 or more attacks needing 3's then 3's...).

This was pretty much the continued state for the next few turns- my stupid models both failed the majority of their Ld tests, and all of my guys couldn't do jack in combat (including my Possessed which ended up battling a regular skeleton- 9 attacks (3 turns), 3's to hit, 2's to wound... the average from that would be 5. Not 0. I couldn't do a flubbing thing!).

That brought time for him to finally get his tomb lord into position, where it quickly took my Dark Soul OOA and nearly got my beastman too.

I tried to remain, as just one more skeleton could break him, but no- because of course I can't pass leadership tests!

I think my opponent felt pretty sorry for me, though he was happy with his win. I haven't had such appalling luck in a while (I counted 7 1's in a row at one point- followed, of course, by 5's and 6's to fail my next two stupidity tests).

My opponent offered to roll my post game injuries, and I'm glad he did- nothing took any lasting damage! That's a first for my warband!
I also found 4 shards and 3 shortbows at a fletchers, so I bought two more fleshy bodies to use said shortbows. My group now numbers a mighty 9. Despite achieving nothing, sheer presence on the field saw me gain 3 new skills, one of which was 'Eye of God' for my Magus. An awesome spell, but one with a chance to take the target model OOA (usually it's a buff). I think I can now look forward to taking my own guys OOA every game.

Next up is Pirates. I'm not too concerned about them... except for the BS4 swivel gun. I may buy new dice before that game.
Just Tony
Geep, may I ask what your favorite color is, and what color is the predominant color of your warband?
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I don't really have a favourite colour, and my Warband- being Chaos models- is a bit mixed too. One possessed (claw, stupid) is a daemonette- so mostly skin/purple/pink. The other possessed (black blood) is a pink horror, so mostly pink/blue. The Magus has a large purple coat as its main colour. Painting is still an ongoing process (I'm trying to paint the full Fantasy unit each model comes from, so it's taking a while), but I intend a lot of metal and black for the other models, and probably some bone/tartan capes.

My dice are bone and blue, as I'm using my dice bought to go with my Iybraesil Eldar army in Epic... so maybe I should change dice colour Pfft
Just Tony
Chessex Hurricane D6 12mm

Get these, let your dice watch how replaceable they are, and then they'll soon perform.
Just Tony attached the following image:

Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Lol, nice dice. We play in a game store, so I'm going to see what they have next time.
I have a set of black dice from them with more pointy corners, they've been excellent luck for me over the years. I tried to get a few others like a set of clear teal to match my warpstone colour I chose, but those bitches are cursed, they roll badly for everyone using them. I recently picked up some teal and purple metallic ones (decepticon colours) they seem good so far
I've got some pink and purple (fits my daemonette possessed and horror possessed) and purple and black (fits the rest) dice. They're also bigger dice, to... hit things more easily? We'll see how they go.
The pirate game has been done and won.
It was kind of boring, unfortunately. The scenario was 'defend the find', with me as the defender. I set up a nice, defensible ruin in the centre, but the pirates had the range weapons- including a swivel gun. To help counter this I deployed everything in cover, and hid everything first turn, forcing him to send at least some men close to me.
As it was, he went with a bit of a multi-directional charge anyway, sending his ogre behind me, two guys to my left and a bunch of about 7 in front of me.
My Magus cast his new 'eye of God' spell and, much to my surprise, rolled a 6- boosting all of his stats. Suddenly we was a combat machine. With his boosted Ld (the stat I was hoping to boost) he and the possessed passed almost every stupidity test (the one failed one caused my Magus to stumble into the open in front of the swivel gun- which promptly missed anyway).

My new short-bow armed henchman took a few pot shots, and managed to take out one of his heroes. They also distracted his return fire a bit, but their heavy cover kept them safe.

With M5, my claw-armed possessed get a charge off into the group of 7 humans and promptly scissored one in half. 5 humans promptly swarmed her (one failed a fear test), but with T4, resilience, step aside and 3 wounds she was mostly fine, only losing one wound.

At this point my opponent declared he'd be voluntarily routing next turn, which I thought was a shame as he still had a chance and I wanted to rack up more XP on Out of Action rolls, but I decided to be friendly and limit the damage I'd do in my turn.

To that end my Magus and black blood possessed charged one henchman, I did not charge any of his other models (I'd been preparing to down the Ogre), and did not shoot. The one henchman was swiftly brought low, his return attacks were as disappointing as expected, and he chose to route as he said.

He mentioned he'd only won 1 game all campaign (as had I to that point), but he just seemed a bit too defeated to want to continue.

I misread the scenario rules, so only got 2 free wyrdstone from my defended building (heroes had to be inside the building), but added 3 with exploration and 14 gold (beer!), giving me a total of 6 shards (one from last game), which I sold to gain a total of 115 gold (also one from last game).
I went the probably silly option and gave both of my mutants heavy armour- I use Chaos Warrior models, so it seems fitting, even if another beastman or two would have been more useful. Light armour was passed to my beastman and dark soul.

Levelling up was a mixed bag- my black blood possessed can now run/charge 15", which is very nice, but my spiky mutant and dark soul both just gained +1 Initiative. That Dark Soul has had the worst of every possible advancement roll.

My next two games are against undead. The first warband looks pretty weak, with most things barely upgraded and just a few ghouls + dire wolves.

The second undead warband has a souped-up vamp (WS5, I5, striking at initiative (5) with a great weapon (S6 total), and 2 attacks). Other than that though, it's mostly fairly weak dregs, a decent necromancer, and many zombies.

In preparation for this I bought a 4th short bow to give to my other mutant (4 short bows in total now), and also gave both mutants a rope and hook. In the second game I intend to seek high ground, leaving the I2 zombie horde behind, allowing me to gang up on the Vampire or just pick things off with bowfire until he breaks. Of course the scenario may completely ruin this plan.
I'm just not concerned with the first game- Possessed out front to absorb the dire wolves with least risk... then my stuff is mostly just better.
Minor change- since we're using the expanded goods list I changed my 2 rope and hooks for a rabbit's foot for my Magus. A re-roll on Eye of God seems like a good idea, and the rope and hook can come later.
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