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6th Edition Battle Report: Lizardmen vs Dwarfs
Just Tony
So my brother and I got an afternoon to squeeze in another game, and we picked the Breakthrough mission. We took a cursory glance and said "Oh, just like Recon from 3rd Ed. 40K!" It's not, and had some specific criteria that we didn't really find until we were adding up the results at the end of the game.

Regardless, we still played, and we get a report as such. The armies were as follows:


Lord: Slann - 4th Generation, Battle Standard, Diadem of Power, Mark of Tepok, Plaque of Dominion, Jaguar Standard - 515 points
Hero: Skink Pries - Level 2, Rod of the Storm, Scout - 145 points
Core: Temple Guard (16) - Shields, Standard, Musician - 309 points
Core: Saurus Warriors (20) - Spears, Musician, Standard - 298 points
Core: Saurus Warriors (22) - Musician, Standard - 282 points
Core: Jungle Swarm (1) - 60 points
Special: Chameleon Skinks (10) - Champion - 156 points
Rare: Stegadon - 235 points

Total: 2,000 points


Lord: Dwarf Lord - Light Armor - Master Rune of Gromgril, Master Rune of Spite, Rune of Fury - 233 points
Hero: Runesmith - Heavy Armor, Shield, Rune of Spellbinding - 130 points
Core: Warriors (19) - Full Command, Shields - 196 points
Core: Warriors (19) - Full Command, Shields - 196 points
Core: Warriors (19) - Full Command, Shields - 196 points
Core: Thunderers (20) - 280 points
Core: Miners (20) - Full Command - 270 points
Special: Cannon - 100 points
Rare: Hireling Wizard - Level 2, Dispel Scrolls (2) - 145 points
Rare: Dogs of War Heavy Cavalry (10) - Full Command, Barding - 255 points

Total: 2,001 points

The table was set up mirrored, so there was no clear advantage to where we'd go. I won the roll to choose, and Ashley deployed first. Pretty straightforward, so comes the part where I post pics of the Deployme...

farm8.staticflickr.com/7884/33469855568_42951108c3_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 1A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

Really, dude? Okay then I guess we're going straight to the first turn...


All units moved at top speed except for the Swarm which moved behind a Saurus unit and the Skinks who moved just enough to gain line of sight on the Knights.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7868/32403885117_9fa4580176_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 1B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7858/32403885057_1c4c3585f4_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 1C by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

Magic saw the Skink Priest cast Portent of Far which I didn't even try to stop. 3 Rerolls. The Slann attempted the Comet and was met with a scroll. Fiery Blast failed to wound any Warriors.

Shooting Phase saw 9 wounds dealt to the Knights with all of them being saved.


All Warriors units move forward top speed while the Cannon lines up a shot on the Stegadon. The Wizard steps out of the regiment before it moves and march moves to the rear of the battle line to better get a line of sight on the Chameleon Skinks.

The Wizard successfully casts Father of Thorns dealing 8 wounds to the Skinks, who pass their Panic check.

20 shots from the Thunderers result in 2 Stegadon wounds and 1 Skink from within the Howdah. The Cannon, however, misfires and has to sit out this turn AND the next.


farm8.staticflickr.com/7827/33469855378_22f06499e2_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 2A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

Lizardmen move ahead full speed to try to position for charges and to bait a charge from the Knights. The Stegadon parks right in front of the Thunderers, ensuring a Terror test at my next turn

Fiery Blast kills 1 Warrior in the Lord's unit.

Shooting at the Knights whiffs completely.


The Thunderers flee 3" in Terror from the Stegadon, and the Cannon passes its check.

The Knights declare a charge on the Saurus Hand Weapon/Shield regiment, which holds. The Warrior regiments advance to bait charges while the farthest right unit wheels to facilitate a flank charge next turn. The Wizard skirts slightly away from the Skinks while maintaining range and Line of Sight. The Miners enter play in the Lizardmen's left Deployment Zone corner.

Magic sees 10 wounds distributed amongst the 2 remaining Chameleon Skinks and the Shaman, wiping them out.

The Knights charge in cutting a swathe of destruction that yields...

... one dead Saurus.

I think we can all go back to one of my rants about how Cav aren't the nuke that 6th naysayers claim them to be.

Anyway, back to the report. This results in a drawn combat.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7837/33469856088_5251a01dd5_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 2A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7816/33469856038_40664ba7c7_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 2B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7811/33469855998_739bf639be_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 2C by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


The Temple Guard charge the Lord's Warriors who Hold, the Spear Saurus charge the now-Wizardless Warriors who hold, and the Stegadon charges the fleeing Thunderers who are easily outpaced and wiped out.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7800/32403884807_319ffe54c8_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 3A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7814/33469855288_db54564e4d_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 3B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

Swarm meanders a bit.

Fireball and Fiery Blast are both dispelled, but Forked Lightning gets through, doing 10 hits on the Hireling Wizard. I didn't jot down how many wounds were delivered, but it was most assuredly more than the 2 he had.

The Knights fail to wound in combat while the Saurus pull one of them down. The Knights then flee 8: with the Saurus pursuing 4".

2 Warriors die to the Temple Guard, who then kill 2 Temple Guard in return. Losing combat, the Warriors pass their Break check.

2 Warriors die to the Spear Saurus, who then kill 1 Saurus in return. Losing combat, the Warriors pass their Break check.

Whoa. Deja vu.


The Runesmith's Warriors regiment declares a charge on the flank of the Spear Saurus, who pass Panic and Hold.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7801/33469855938_e3f1e14570_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 3A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

The Knights rally and reform facing the Saurus who will most assuredly be charging next turn. The Cannon pivots to target the Stegadon.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7886/32403885647_5922a5b462_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 3B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

The Cannon hits The Stegadon delivering 3 wounds, leaving a bewildered clutch of 4 Skinks wondering what just happened.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7831/33469855858_050b41323b_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 3C by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

1 Spear Saurus dies, while all wounds against the flanking Warriors are saved. 4 Warriors from the front unit die however, but the Saurus still lose combat and easily pass their Break check.

Temple Guard save the 2 wounds caused, while the Lord's Warriors save the 3 wounds caused. Break check passed.


The Knights are charged by Saurus again and hold.

The Slann casts Comet of Cassandora on 22, which I let go. He places it directly on top of the Miners. Dick.

Fireball, however, is targeted at the Cannon and easily dispelled.

2 Knights die with 3 Saurus dead in return. Despite this, the Knights break and flee 9", with the Saurus pursuing 12".

The Lord and Warriors completely whiff, the unit Champion and 1 Warrior dying as well. Break check is passed.

3 Spear Saurus die, while 1 of the front Warriors and 3 of the Flank warriors die. Saurus easily pass their Break test.


Miners move out from under the Comet.

The Cannon kills 4 Saurus from the unit that wiped out the Knights, but can't Panic them.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7886/32403885457_003f851db2_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 4B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

1 Spear Saurus dies and all Warriors make their saves. The Spears finally break, fleeing 6". The front Warriors pursue 10" while the flanking Warriors only pursue 5".

farm8.staticflickr.com/7857/33469855818_50b19e7203_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 4A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

The Temple Guard and Warriors trade one kill each, and the Warriors lose combat by 1. Break test is passed.


The Saurus regiment now in the Dwarf Deployment zone wheels around the copse of trees in an attempt to get away from the Cannon.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7807/33469855218_4e507e3c1e_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 5A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

2 of the Warriors from the Wizardless unit fall to Forked Lightning, another Comet is cast in FRONT of the Miners, and the old Comet is dispelled. (Reading up, I saw nothing that said a new Comet would delete the old Comet, so until we find an errata this will be SOP)

farm8.staticflickr.com/7864/33469855178_b0a4e91e9e_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 5B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7828/33469855078_6e8959b5b8_b.jpgLvsD LM Turn 5C by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

1 Temple Guard falls, while 3 Warriors die in response. Breaking from combat, the Dwarf Lord can only marshal his men to flee 4", while the Temple Guard pursue 7", wiping them out.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7840/33469855038_0362f91b25_z.jpgLvsD LM Turn 5D by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


The Warrior regiments move ahead towards the Lizardmen Deployment zone at top speed.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7855/33469855778_ce9b46b443_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 5A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

The Runesmith dispels the Comet.

The Cannon manages to kill a Temple Guard, and my turn ends.


Temple Guard move forward into the Deployment zone, as does the Jungle Swarm.

All spells are dispelled.


Warriors press forward again.

farm8.staticflickr.com/7898/33469855718_86e30ae6e8_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 6A by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7897/32403885287_51926dc97c_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 6B by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

farm8.staticflickr.com/7889/32403885237_272ecdf07b_b.jpgLvsD D Turn 6C by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

1 more Temple Guard dies to the Cannon.

And thus ends the game. We totally misread the rules for the scenario, forgetting to assign an attacker and defender, and then we caught the part where Monsters and Characters don't count for the VP. All in all it was butchered up beyond belief, and the main thing was that at the end of it all my Runesmith regiment was out by an eighth of an inch. Ashley was giving me that one, but even then NONE of us scored enough VP to count as a win as the attacker, so I consider this one a loss for me, especially since I couldn't take out any of the high ticket items.

We're already planning another game to play this one out right, and it will apparently be the Dogs of War list tailored as attackers versus my High Elves list tailored as defenders. This will be the first time we've ever tailored lists for specific missions.

I am looking forward to it.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Just Tony
The cool part about this game was that there were several players doing Kill Team, 40K, AOS, and some Armada, plus some RPG and card people in the back of the store, ALL filtering through to check out our game. I even name dropped the site, so I'm hoping they swing by.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Just Tony
So we agreed that we're going to build lists specifically to play this scenario the right way and use those the next game night.

This is what I came up with as the Defender.


Hero - Mage (Level 2) - Seer (Choose spells, plan on doing High Magic) - 160 points
Hero - Noble - Battle Standard Bearer, Battle Banner (+D6 Combat Resolution), Heavy Armor - 179 points
Core - Spearmen (20) - Full Command - 250 points
Core - Spearmen (20) - Full Command - 250 points
Core - Spearmen (19) - Full Command - 239 points
Core - Silver Helms (10) - Heavy Armor, Shields, Full Command - 265 points
Special - Swordmasters (19) - Full Command, Guardian Phoenix (5+ Ward for Bladelord), Banner of Sorcery (+D3 Power Dice) - 352 points
Rare - Repeater Bolt Throwers (2) - 200 points
Rare - Repeater Bolt Throwers (2) - 200 points

2,095 points total

My plan is to block most of the path through with the infantry blocks and use the cav to flank smash or intercept. Bolt Throwers are usually more effective than Archers or else I would have ran 2 blocks of 20 of them. It isn't a list I'm completely thrilled with, but I think it'll fit the bill as much as possible. Had I enough models I would have simply dropped 8 Spearmen blocks and the cheapest Mage I could do.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Well you live and learn some times. As usual a good bat rep. Please do keep them coming.
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