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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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Hi there
Hi I'm Cartmic,

I first got interested in wargaming in my midteens but never really played a proper Warhammer/40k game besides introductory games.

Fast forward to 2010 early 20's I picked up Combat Zone and played that with a friend on an off for about 2 years or so. After that Dungeons and Dragons like role playing pretty much filled my tabletop gaming for a while. Back in 2016 I bough the 3rd ed. 40k rulebook. Whilst on holiday last year I started working on my own scifi skirmish game which I've played a few times, then I've been building scenery planning to get started on 40k sometime.

I also have 6th edition Fantasy. I have some dwarfs from 7th ed. that I'm going to put up against orcs or elves at some point.
I've a growing interest in sculpting classic style dwarfs but I see this forum is more towards the 6th edition so maybe I'll take that over to the Oldhammer community.
welcome, i have been playing warhammer over the last 20 something years. found that 6th was the ruleset i most enjoyed. Now I am only a couple armies away from having a 5k point army of each, and since I enjoy painting so much, I only have one army that isn't over 90% painted.
Just Tony
Welcome! There are a couple of people who swing with 5th Ed. WFB here, but it isn't as... frequent as our 6th section.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Welcome to the forum. Glad that you were able to make it on here. We would love to see how you progress into 40K and WFB.

Classic style Dwarves is usually in style here on this forum. Please do post any progress on this front as well. While I do think that WK does a good job, I personally like the look of Bood Dwarves myself. Each to their own.
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Welcome Cartmic... I think everything has been covered
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