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6th Ed. BatRep: Dogs of War vs. High Elves - Meeting Engagement
Just Tony
Third of Four games that my brother and I played this week. We went for the Meeting Engagement scenario at 2,000 points. Pretty basic stuff as far as scenario and terrain goes.

Army lists were as follows:


Lord: Wizard Lord (Level 4) - Dispel Scrolls x4 - 310 points
Hero: Wizard (Level 2) - Dispel Scrolls x2 - 145 points
Hero: Wizard (Level 2) - 95 points
Hero: Paymaster - Crossbow, Enchanted Shield, Heavy Armor, Talisman of Protection, Sword of Might - 114 points
Core: Crossbows (10) - 80 points
Core: Crossbows (10) - 80 points
Core: Crossbows (10) - 80 points
Special: Long Drong's Slayer Pirates (12) - 219 points
Special: Ruglud's Armored Orcs (20) - 310 points
Special: Richter Krueger's Cursed Company (18) - 385 points
Rare: Cannon - 85 points
Rare: Halfling Hot Pot - 50 points

Total: 1,953 if my math off his list is right. I am impressed he would make a mistake like that, and he doesn't have his total written beside his list, so there may be something added that I'm not seeing. I'll get clarity later.

We'll assume he would have paid for two more scrolls and call it a day...


Lord: Archmage (Level 4) - Annulian Crystal, Seer, Ring of Fury - 355 points
Hero: Battle Standard Bearer - Heavy Armor, Battle Banner - 179 points
Core: Spearmen (20) - Full Command - 250 points
Core: Spearmen (20) - Full Command - 250 points
Core: Spearmen (19) - Full Command - 239 points
Special: Swordmasters (19) - Full Command, Banner of Sorcery - 327 points
Rare: Repeater Bolt Throwers (2) - 200 points
Rare: Repeater Bolt Throwers (2) - 200 points

Total: 2,000 points

Not much to say about order of march except that we both kind of went into it realizing there were rules about who could go where after the first unit was down. At any rate, just assume neither of us was happy with our deployment.

For spells, the Dogs of War Wizard Lord got Fireball, Fiery Blast, Burning Head, and Conflagration of Doom. The Heavens Wizard got Second Sign of Amul and Storm of Cronos, and the last Wizard got Mistress of the Marsh and Master of Stone. The Archmage for the High Elves was able to select his spells, so he got Mistress of the Marsh, Father of Thorns, Master of the Woods, and Master of Stone.

On that note, Ashley wins the roll to go first, and wisely decides to do so.


The only units not moving forward are the Wizard near the Cannon in the left side of the DOW deployment zone and the War Machines. The combat units move straight ahead full, while the Crossbows edge slightly in to get better range next turn.

Second Sign is cast successfully and nets 2 rerolls. 5 Swordmasters are consumed by Conflagration of Doom, but are immune to Panic due to Pure of Heart. Master of Stone is cast at the Archmage's Spearmen, but is easily dispelled.

In the Shooting phase the Cannon overshoots the Archmage's Spearmen while the Hot Pot manages to kill 2 Spearmen from the unit next to the Archmage's Spearmen.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206374_9e0ccb80db_b.jpgDOW vs HE T1D1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


All infantry units move forward at top speed. War Machines obviously are camping out in back.

Ring of Fury is immediately dispelled, Master of Stone is scrolled, Master of the Woods and Father of Thorns both fail. Stellar.

Repeater Bolt Throwers open fire. The leftmost pair shoot at the first Crossbow unit in front of them, netting 4 dead. The third takes down 4 from the second Crossbow unit directly in front, and the fourth kills 1 Cannon crewman. The Crossbowmen closest to the Cannon Panic and flee off the board.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804119087_2129322540_b.jpgDOW vs HE T1H1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


The Cursed Company and Long Drong's Slayers declare charges on the Spearmen directly in front of them, with the Fear test easily passed.

All shooting troops stay where they are as the unjoined Wizards back away from the main battle line.

Second Sign fails to cast, Fireball on the Swordmasters fails to wound, Howler Wind succeeds, and Mistress of the Marsh on the unengaged Spearmen is dispelled.

The Cannon lobs a shot at the Spearmen heading towards it, killing 4 of them. The Hot Pot follows up by lobbing a shot that kills 4 more Spearmen, who pass their Panic check.

Ruglud's fails Animosity and shoots the Crossbowmen closest to him, killing 2 of them. The Crossbow unit left by the Cannon fails to wound the Spearmen, and the Wizard's Crossbowmen kill 1 Swordmaster.

Needing to keep this combat under some semblance of control, the Spearmen issues a challenge to Krueger, who silently accepts. Krueger fails to hit with his attacks, two wounds are done to the Archmage, and the 1 wound that lands on the Spearmen is saved. In response the Champion also whiffs his attacks while 2 Skeletons die to the main body, with another crumbling to Resolution.

Long Drong's Slayers kill 4 Spearmen with 4 of their own dying in return. Being Unbreakable, they're going nowhere.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206224_55192ce0b2_b.jpgDOW vs HE T2D1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


The Swordmasters declare a charge on Ruglud's Orcs, with a Stand and Shoot reaction declared. 1 Swordmaster falls.

The unengaged Spearmen continue to march towards the Cannon.

Master of Stone and Master of the Woods were scrolled, and I used my Power Dice to dispel Howler Wind with 2 6's in the roll.

Shooting from the Bolt Throwers netted me 1 dead Crossbowman, 1 wound on the Cannon, and 1 more Crewmember dead.

Ruglud and 2 of his Orcs die in combat, with 1 Swordmaster felled in return. The Orcs break 10" with the Swordmasters pursuing 7".

3 Slayers die with no wounds made in return. Unbreakable.

Champion whiffs on Krueger again, and he doesn't live to repeat that mistake. 4 Skeletons die from the regiment, with 4 more falling to Resolution.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206144_341950d77a_b.jpgDOW vs HE T2H1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804118857_043c89b2fb_b.jpgDOW vs HE T2H2 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958207104_9c491ab503_b.jpgDOW vs HE T2H3 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


No charges to declare, and RUGLUD'S ORCS RALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Wizard's Crossbowmen reform as the Wizard leaves the unit, and the Paymaster's Crossbowmen sidestep.

What's that, you say? "When was there a Paymaster in that unit?" you ask. Oh, when Ashley realized he forgot to set him out, and we just sort of agreed that THAT would have been the best place for him to have not affected the game to that point.

In the Magic Phase Second Sign scores 3 rerolls, Conflagration kills 2 Swordmasters, Master of Stone on the same unit is dispelled, and Mistress of the Marsh failed to cast.

6 Spearmen die to grapeshot in the Shooting Phase, and they pass their Panic test, while the Hot Pot's shot scatters off the Swordmasters hitting nothing.

In Combat a poor batch of rolling on both sides sees 1 Skeleton die while the last wound is done to the Archmage. 3 more Skeletons die to Resolution.

Long Drong and 3 Slayers meet their end, while the remaining Slayer kills the Spearmen Champion. Despite heavy losses, the Slayers are going nowhere thanks to Unbreakable.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958207054_545fdc9af4_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3D1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804119737_4ea5f86103_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3D2 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


The Swordmasters charge the Orcs who decide to Flee in response, rolling 3" for their Flee move. The Swordmasters wipe them out. The Spearmen charge the Cannon on the right side of the board.

It takes 3 Bolt Throwers to do it, but the Paymaster and Crossbowmen are all wiped out. The fourth Bolt Thrower manages 1 wound on the Wizard Lord.

At this time the entire army has to test for Panic at the loss of the Paymaster, with the Hot Pot and the Fire Wizard fleeing off the table.

The Cannon dies in short order, and the Spearmen reform facing the remainder of the Dogs of War battle line.

With all the dice at my disposal, I successfully roll ONE WOUND on the Slayer unit. Thankfully there was only one Slayer left.

We trade 2 Skeletons for 2 Spearmen, and 2 more Skeletons crumble to Resolution.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206914_f307c80c4e_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804119607_7e2d26f4f1_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H2 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206754_01bf2a550c_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H3 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206704_4c6c955e16_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H4 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804119427_79c5970d24_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H5 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206604_d0f1e8fc1d_b.jpgDOW vs HE T3H6 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr


No moves are made.

Second Sign nets 2 rerolls. Master of Stone is cast on the Swordmasters with Irresistible Force, killing 9 of them and leaving just the Battle Standard. Howler Wind is cast on the Wizard Lord to protect him from shooting. The BSB holds firm as Pure of Heart makes him Immune to Panic.

The last Crossbow unit kills 1 Spearmen in the unit that just killed the Slayers.


Spearmen and BSB move directly towards the nearest enemies.

I am able to dispel Howler Wind...

... and Ashley then concedes. Didn't even let me finish the turn.

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206514_f34f581aa6_b.jpgDOW vs HE T4H1 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/32804119227_0695520d5c_b.jpgDOW vs HE T4H2 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

live.staticflickr.com/65535/46958206424_2600294e6b_b.jpgDOW vs HE T4H3 by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

So a rather brutal battle marked with some less than stellar rolling. The High Elves find themselves redeemed from the multiple losses before this.

On to prepare to type up battle 4...
Edited by Just Tony on 03-05-2019 05:48
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Thanks for the write-up. It does look like you had their number today. We used to blame the poor performance of our dice on the models. Apparently they were celebrating too much the night before.
Your Benevolent dictator

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Just Tony
It was a fun mission, just a bit disheartening when your rolls come out like garbage.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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