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Magic Item Replacement
Just Tony
My brother and I were discussing the lack of Magic Items in the Dogs of War list since the Ravening Hordes list left him with only the Common Items, and I had the idea that the Albion campaign Magic Items would be a good one to simply port to the Dogs of War. Thoughts?
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I'd think that would certainly be a start - after all, if Dogs of War armies are the only ones allowed to field the Giants of Albion then it makes sense they'd have access to some of the Albion magic items too.

Have you looked at the 6th edition Regiments of Renown rules in White Dwarf/Warhammer Chronicles/Online in a PDF? Given that Dogs of War armies have unrestricted access to them, it could be a good way to help compensate for a somewhat anaemic magic item armoury, and even if the unit rules themselves aren't your cup of tea you could still look at mining them for more magic items to port in.
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Just Tony
I'm looking for a way that you can make your own NON named character with Magic Items, and the Common Items leave a very limited palette.
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Given that these are house ruled Magic items, I would peruse the Rune Lists from the Dwarf Book for a few combinations that strike your fancy. Add the points up like a normal rune weapon, and put on an extra five to ten points as a non Dwarf kicker.
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Main issue i see here is trying to run a dogs of war army with fully generic stuff. Considering the draw of the army is special characters and mercenaries that can be in almost every unit besides core, seems a weird choice for me and defeats the purpose of the army. They're basically a worse wanna be empire army at that point.
Just Tony
They have their own flavor, which makes it different. It's like arguing that if you didn't run Hydras that there'd be no reason to not just run High Elves instead of Dark Elves. The differences are subtle, but they're there. Troop selection in the DOW army are markedly different than the Empire, and after a few times of breaking myself upon the pikes, I'd RATHER face Empire.

We're not opposed to running Special Characters, we just see past them most of the time. I love blind Eltharion, but you won't see him in every army I run.
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different with a DoW army than others since all the RoR are special characters (not all of them are that great or special) leaves them very limited in terms of selection. I personally wouldn't bother with them for my own collection unless it was with the RoR.
Just Tony
Like I said, we have no problem with running the named characters, it is more along the lines of a change of pace. I don't want to get to the point that I make myself so tired of running my favorite SCs that I decide to drop them altogether.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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