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Surprise in Purchase!
So after deciding that I wasn't going to spend any more money on hobby purchases this month, an old Dwarf Battleline boxset popped up on ebay for around about the original price (at least that's what the sticker on the box said - $165). It said NiB, so I purchased it to hoard for later. Maybe I'll do dwarves after I finish O&G and High Elves.

It arrived today, and as it turned out, it had been opened. One of the sprues has a few warriors cut out, and a half a model painted. I counted everything up, however, and it looks like they're all there.

However, what was weird was the extra stuff not listed on the ebay page. There was some junk like lottery tickets (old, I checked), random tools, and receipts.

It also has about a dozen Citadel paint pots of various types which either look totally new or at least revivable with a little water/thinner. Some are even colors that I'll be needing to replace soon! And four Citadel brushes. Not in great condition, but some brush cleaner should help. So that's like a $60 value surprise in the box.
Just Tony
Looks like you hit a minor jackpot! I remember we picked up some Dark Eldar from a kid that was local, essentially the battleforce at the time with a few extras, and he just threw in 20 High Elf Archers and close to 30 High Elf Spearmen as well. If memory serves, there may have been a few pewter Swordmasters as well.
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Nice luck. Far too often it goes the other way- 'NIB' apparently standing for 'Chewed By Dog'.
I have had a few more bits than normal or a model from an ebay auction, but nothing like paint and brushes. It seems to me that they were just cleaning out after a divorce/break-up and did not know what to do with these items.

The real big score for me is when G Dubs would decide to over-count on a spruce or two.
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I just had a similar experience with a purchase, scored chestnut, brown, flesh, red and dark green ink,
I had some luck a few years ago myself, I was talking on a forum with a guy who wanted to sell an old Arkhan on his chariot along with 20 skeletons, no pics but the guy had been a regular for some time so I bought it, I only really wanted Arkhan as I had enough skeletons myself, turns out itīs really old oop metal skeletons all of them, really cool models that got a place in my army asd soon as I had painted them.
Another one was when I bought a Battle Masters game, it said complete but only had pics of the box, the price was too good to pass up though, the Tower alone would be worth the money, however it came with both the expansions as well, so loads more models & some extra scenarios included, perfect for when the kids grow up (have fond memories of this game myself as a kid).
Best yet though was when I was on the Swedish version of ebay, many years ago, around 2012-13, there was a few of the old lizardmen from the 5th edition starter on auction, the description said he would throw in a few paints as well, so I bid & got it cheap, imagine my happiness when it turned out a few paints was 20+, all of them the good ones from the 90īs which included glistening green, tin bitz, chestnut wash, flesh wash, armour wash, brazen brass etc etc.
Nice score
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