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So I finally did it...

Got my new cases today, just armies to arrive
Just Tony
Your link is dead...
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I'll update once my internet is here to use img tags, flickr app doesn't play well

New built cases for my collection, each one can hold about four detolfs worth of minis

All filled up, even bought enough kislev to field a 1k ally list
Just Tony
So now you just need to start recruiting opponents. Hot...
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Had a game Saturday actually

Facing shot with everything I own in it. Added from before:
another 1k points of Kislev (Horse Archers, more Gryphons, and 2 units of Kossars)
Giant for my O&G
Set of Underworlds goblins to increase my characters
Snail from Nurgle to use as a Chariot from Storm of Chaos
Beastman Herdstone for scenery
a Bastillodon to use as an engine of the gods, freeing up my third Stegadon for a Skink mount
Desert Dogs for my DoW
Storm of Chaos Banner carrier for Mortal Chaos
5 Chaos Trolls
5 Shadow warriors for my High Elves with the Special 7th Character I'll use as the champion
A Bretonnian war altar from a Fantasy Fighters to emulate the one in third.
Impressive as always. Would like to see a report on the game if you can swing it.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog
4 way game, khorne and tomb kings vs vampire counts and dark elves. Built the tk into a mountain defense strategy, khorne running rampant. Elves and counts stood no chance lol
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