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6th ed rules for 7th and 8th ed models
As per the title, does anyone have any 6th edition appropriate rules for Warhammer units that came out in 7th and 8th editions?
I seem to remember there was a fairly well organised group out there somewhere who was working on this- I think they were Spanish, or maybe French?

I have a chance to get some locals into finally trying their hands at Warhammer, but to have much chance to promote 6th over 8th edition I'll need to be able to give them rules for all of their units.

Thanks for any help
Just Tony
As anal retentive as I am about official rules, I'm actually wanting to see these myself. I think the Lion Chariot is going to be my benchmark for how well they've made the rules.
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My base line is to take the Rank and File of an army from one edition to the next, and get the difference. If you can do a few, than take the average. Take that difference and apply it to the unit in question.

An example would be the Empire. Take the State Troops and get the difference between the 6th and the 8th. Lets say, that on average they dropped by 15% from the 6th to the 8th. You get a unit from the 8th and want to play it in the 6th. Multiply the points by 1.15 and here is the base line. If they were particularly nasty in the 8th, add an extra 5% to 1.2 as the multiplier. Play test it a little and see if feels right in the edition.

A counter point to what JT brings up, is that just because they are lions, does not mean that you cant use them as standard chariots.
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Your style of point conversion would be my baseline as well TinyLegions, but 7th and 8th had some serious changes on top of that- Stomp, Step-Up, random charge distances, Steadfast, etc. all greatly change the power of various units. Probably somewhat in line with that, the price of cavalry and monsters have drastically reduced over the editions even though common infantry have mostly stayed pretty similar.

As an example, your 6th ed Halberdier is 6pts, 7th ed is 5pts, 8th ed is 6pts.
Your Knight is 23, 23, 22
A griffon mount is 200, 200 and 170

Empire units are probably one of the more set unit types as well- some, like Chaos, have had pretty big changes- Chaos Warriors went from 14pts in 6th to 15pts in 7th, but went from heavy armour to chaos armour, +1A and re-rolls of failed Panic tests. Chaos Knights also went up from 33 to 40, and gained a fair few bonuses.
Just Tony
Actually, my idea was to compare whatever rules I find with the Cold One Chariot as it's pretty damn analogous to the Lion Chariot. But yeah, there's lots of "counts as" gonna happen. Those Phoenixes? Gonna be War of the Beard Dragon Princes. Basically port them straight over.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
That is an option as well JT. If the rules fit, than go with them. I guess that you can say that the lions some times have a mind of their own when stupidity happens.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
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