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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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Returning player.
Hi, thanks for having me on here, I previously played WFB from 2000ish until GW killed the setting off, the End Times happened around the time I was going through a big upheaval in my personal life so with the ET crushing my enthusiasm I made the error of selling my two armies I owned at the time which were Ogres & Dwarfs.

I have spent the last four years mostly playing other games by other companies but the annoucement of GW bringing back the Old World inspired me to start reading classic BL novels & old army books.

No wish to be purely at the whims of what game GW bring back and not wishing to wait years to start collecting new armies so I took a peak at the two most popular current games of that style KoW & 9th Age but with them both understandably moving towards rules for armies in their own settings rather then a home for old GW armies they lost their appeal to me, as the setting is why I played WFB more then purely as a game.

So once I decided to focus my energy on an old version of WFB it was a quick decision to go with 6th out of the three editions I played and already owned books for.

This forum has been a great resource, I have already downloaded everything I do not own and back ups of the stuff I do in case a PDF comes in handy in the future for helping to gain more opponents since I am planning a move to a new part of the UK in the next couple of months although I will still see my most regular current opponent for a few games a year, as he is happy to get some classic WFB games in too.

Sorry for the long first post but excited to be back with this game.
Just Tony
Hey, the people who post here are all about the excitement of getting back into an edition we love. I'd love to hope that GW plans on WH:TOW to be closer to what I play than closer to 8th, but I'm pragmatic enough to be prepared to stick with 6th. Over on dakkadakka we just had a convo with someone in the UK that's looking to find games in 6th. If that wasn't you, it might be something worth looking into.

At any rate, welcome to the board! Post often, and feel free to ask us anything you want to know about.
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Welcome Golgfag!

Great to see your enthusiasm, the more people out there playing older Warhammer the better!
Welcome, i did the opposite, decided to come back to 6th, then looked at the other games, glad i didn't start there. I am loving being back with the game after leaving 7th's crappily balanced game and having no interest in 8th at all
Thanks for the welcome guys, I may have to start a log as I start the process of collecting and painting up new models for use in WFB.
Welcome Golgfag! Glad that we were able to be a resource to you. Here is hoping that we will be able to help you out getting settled back into the 6th edition swing of things. As always we encourage any battle reports or logs that you want to produce on this site.
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Brr-icy has mostly everything not in the army books as well. I've been working on it for a while
Just Tony
And for your convenience it is linked in the stickied thread "Hope I don't get banned..."
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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