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Lost options from RH
Thanks to a download found on here, for the first time I had chance to read the RH lists, so many fun options that got lost with the releases of full army books which is a shame in my opinon, so I just wondered if anybody ever house ruled those option as they are in to use with the army books or adapted rules for those options for use with the army book lists?

Specifically I am just starting a new Chaos Daemon army and had forgotten that two classic units are missing from both HoC & the DL list in the Storm of Chaos supplement, those being Beasts of Nurgle & Fiends of Slaanesh.

I already own six Plague Toads which I planned to count as Beasts and three of the new plastic Fiends, would be nice to use them but the only by the book way is the upgraded Chaos Spawn rules which is hardly ideal considering they cannot be used in unit form and I could never field all of them in under a 5k point games.

I suppose I could just run the Ravening Hordes lists but then you lose a lot of flavour added by the army books.
They're in the hordes book. You put a mark on the spawn to create them. The toads you can give plaguebearers to too make them plagueriders
Appreciate the response but I actually mentioned the Spawn upgrades in my post, I just feel that is really lame for two reasons, one you cannot take them in units and two means if I wished to field all of them that I already own I have to play 5k games.

I could convert some Plaguebearers to be riding my Toads/Beasts to use with the DL list but not a strong converter plus prefer them as their own thing as they were before rather then as a mount.

Just seems a bizarre design decision that they turned both of them from being their own unique daemonic unit that can be taken in regiments of 3+ & 5+ in to a Chaos Spawn upgrade that is maximum 2 per Rare slot when they are a completely different thing to a Chaos Spawn.

I love the 6th edition Army Books mostly but I do hate that they cut so many cool and unique units from the armies.
Fair enough. I really liked chaos in the book and even moreso in three soc lists. Our group tends to allow anything that has printed rules. So if it's in rh, you can use it like any other unit
Talked it through with my current most regular opponent and the one I am most likely to end up playing 6th edition games with even if only a few times a year.

We have decided to initially just use the Ravening Hordes lists, so problem solved.
Just Tony
It's really the best option. Once you have a sense of the balance, it's easier to branch out and get a "feel" for what your group would fix.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
The lack of Fiends is disappointing, but the SoC Seekers of Slaanesh (the ones on giant worms) have almost identical stats to 7th ed Fiends, so I'd say they're a fine 'counts as' for Seekers.
Thanks for the advice, in the end I have decided to make the army pure Nurgle Daemons & have sold on the Fiends to a friend, since after adding up what I already own using the RH list I am only a few hundred points short of 3000pts of Nurgle goodness which will be plenty for me, as I would rather spend the money on other armies then one huge multi god force.
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