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3,200 Points DoW vs High Elves with Albion

Didn't take a lot of pics, but this was a pretty fun game last weekend.

1st turn there wasn't much except a few magic and shooting related deaths, nothing major. Lucrezzia only scored one wound on the Truthsayer for her poison attack. One of the Albion Giants took both bolt throwers, one wound scored.

2nd turn, the Venators broke the Silverhelms and overran into the Swordmasters, taking one wound in the process. Golgfag decided that he would lose the fight with the Dragon Princes and be destroyed breaking on a one point deficit. Dragon Princes overran into the Cursed company, where they remained for the remainder of the game.

Dark Emissary got off Fog of Death, what a nasty spell, ended up almost killing most of the characters and obliterating the one bolt thrower, broke the archers. Three wounds were had on the DoW side.

3rd turn the swordmasters took a ton of wounds from the venerators, none from mr can't roll above a 1 Voland. Shadow Warriors took a charge from the Vendetta, three died. Cannon hit Teclis and almost killed him one shot. 1 wound remained that was taken by another casting (this time irresistible force) of fog of death. By the end of magic and shooting, the only character remaining on the high elf side was Alarielle, my opponent called the game at that point.
Just Tony
The worst part of the game is where you can look across and know there's no real way to ever win.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I have that feeling most times i put dow on the table, this time they surpassed they're normal fails, well, except golg, he wasn't really into fighting lol
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