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Not renewing the website
So bad news on my front. I lost my credit card that I automatically fund this website for to fraudulent charges. With that in mind I don't believe that I will get the new credit card in time to renew the website's fees that you annually pay. I don't know if they will pull this website down, as their billing is rather odd at where this website is hosted. I am basically not going to do anything one way or another right now, other than warning everyone about it and prepare accordingly.


Honestly, if this website does crash and burn, then I think that it has served its purpose. I have not been exactly happy as to how this forum software worked out for us, and I would want to both change the hosting company,(for the above reason among others) and get a new forum program, which both are undertakings that I really don't have the time to study and perform right now. If somehow this website does survive, then I will start working on a new hosting site, as well as new software.

Good news in my estimation is that there are other venues for our conversations on our gaming. Dakka Dakka is exactly the website that I wanted to create in function in that it has all that I wanted to have on a website. While the board is small for our brand of gaming, it generally seems to work out. Likewise there is a few Facebook groups that have more traffic. We also have a forum for middlehammer that I recommend that everyone tries, and warseer has changed their format to accommodate our conversations better. I believe that all of these venues are fine substitutes for talking about our part of the gaming world.

I do apologize if this does inconvenience any one out there. I am trying to warn everyone so that they can download anything that they thought was important to them.
Edited by TinyLegions on 28-06-2020 22:01
Your Benevolent dictator

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That sucks. Lmk if you're on Facebook
Just Tony

I'm going to have to get facebook now, aren't I?
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Brr-icy wrote:

That sucks. Lmk if you're on Facebook

I'm on some of the same groups that you are on. I just use my official facebook profile, not my pseudonym. Although that may be something that I may do.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
Just Tony wrote:


I'm going to have to get facebook now, aren't I?

Do what you want on the facebook front, as I really do think that Dakka Dakka does a better job than facebook. The player finder is pure gold that we as players of previous editions should be using in spades, but are not. Facebook does not exactly have that function, even though someone tried and failed at that, and the threads are harder to use than a forum. There are a few more posts on facebook like this:

'Hi: I'm TinyLegions and I am trying to find someone to play in my area. Is anyone in Pigsnuckle*, Arkansas."

* - Triple points for the first one who can name the movie that this fictitious name comes from.

So I tend to think that facebook can be a tool, but if you don't currently use it, I wont recommend that you use just to stay in touch with the 6th edition crowd.

As said above, there is a middlehammer forum out there. It is rather bare bones, but is out there as another venue, albeit somewhat the same traffic as here.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
Just Tony

That means first things first I'll either have to figure out how to make Dakka hate Flickr less or get a different hosting service.

If you don't mind, I'll hold out hope that something may work out for the best. I'm still going to copypasta all the BatReps and the resources page, but I'm still going to be optimistic.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
That does sound annoying, and it'll be sad if this site does go. I know it's quiet, but I still prefer dedicated forums.

I haven't visited Dakka- I'll have to check that out. I very rarely visit Warseer now, it has crashed so much that attendance was awful.

I'm on a heap of Facebook groups, but I don't find Facebook is good for proper, long term chats, and searching for stuff is awful. There's also just too many pages- every man and his dog has made a 'Warhammer' page of some sort.
Good news everyone! I managed to get this website paid for and in good standing for another year. So everyone does not have to scramble any more to get any content that they want off of here. However, I do recommend that anything that they really do like, should be periodically saved. This of course brings up to my mind that we need to get a better program for this forum. I am going to put together a new thread about this here in a little bit.
Your Benevolent dictator

My Miniatures Blog http://www.tinyle...gspot.com/
nice, I can't stand about half the Dakka members lol, so it's nice to come here for refreshing and relaxing chats when there is some.
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