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Battle Report: 1500 PTS, Lizardmen vs Tomb Kings 8/29
If anyone wants to gently tell me all the ways I messed up and blew this game feel free:

Edited by MattyFenby on 31-08-2020 12:20
Just Tony
After reading through, my only real suggestion would be to maybe type it out in Word or something so you can copy/pasta once it's finished.

My biggest failing in doing my Batreps is that I try to type it all at once in here and wind up having to do several edits.

As for the report contents? I'd have used Stand and Shoot on those times you fled. Poisoned attacks would have done more than you give it credit for, to the point that you may have actually won those combats once everything was said and done.

Also a real easy way to shut down the Casket is to deploy all your troops facing backwards. About face to move, then face back after you're done. It takes you a while to cross the board, but eventually the TK player will tire of it and put something between the Casket and your army to set up a charge and you can turn to face it and brace for the charge at that point. Doesn't work with skirmishers, though.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Tony, thanks a ton for looking it over.
As for formatting and stuff, im definitely gonna get better pictures and try to overlay digital arrows and "Flee!" and stuff like that. Thats a great idea to type it all in Word so I dont have to post 12 times and make a million edits like i did.

When it comes to the game, yes im definitely regretting the double flee reaction in the Bottom of the 1st Turn. I was worried they would get "Overrun" and i was trying to get him to have failed charges sitting in front of me so that i could make a play.

Kicking myself for not bringing Swarms to chopblock the Chariots and for bringing Statuette of Spite which failed instead of bringing the Jaguar charm and charging out of the Saurus at the Chariots in turn 2 like some type of Goblin Fanatic.

Instead his Magic Item failed and he didnt even get a chance to attack the Chariots w his str 7 before he died. Another mistake I'm kicking myself over is the Terradons in the Top of the 2nd. Should have angled them so that if they flee its not off the board. (They DONT get saved by Hit-and-Run there, right?)

Obviously i kind of made a huge mistake before the game even started by letting us move to deployment without good terrain cover on both deployment zones for chameleons. These are things Im not gonna repeat.
Ive put a couple hours into figuring out a better way to layout my bat rep without pictures, I've finally made some progress and have the deployment slide redone. Let me know if that is easier to decipher
Just Tony
I like the maps, and have been wanting to do something like that for my Batreps as well.

For the record? I've been misplaying the Stand and Shoot Combat Res thing for years.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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