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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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The Ego Has Landed
jonathan e
Hi hi hello, thank you for having me, thank you for sorting out the login issue, thanks to the Academy for this great honour, etcetera.

I started out with the Warhammering in 1996 and barring my GCSE year I've never really stopped. (I bet my grandparents that if I could give it up for a year and pass all my exams they had to stop complaining about it forever, and guess what, they'd shut up by my A-levels.) Armies have come and gone: I've generally gravitated evil, with numerous small forces of greenskins, evil pointy elves and big knobbly Chaos lads on both square bases and round, but my one great love is the Undead. I've played Vampire Counts for as long as they've existed and Necrons were the only 40K army I ever did a good job on.

I mostly play sixth edition WFB with occasional dabblings into fifth, and I'm doing the Old World Army Challenge this year to try and get some Rogue Trader Orks done because, er, I own a box of Rogue Trader Orks and it seemed like the decent thing to do. I also play Mordheim (coolest game), Blood Bowl (best game) and I at least like Warmaster (most underrated game).

I really like the mission statement on this site. Warhammer is indeed Not Theirs: I mean, in the legal sense yes, Games Workshop PLC own the Intellectual Property of it all, but Warhammer as a game that actual people play isn't theirs and never has been, it's transformed by every player who picks it up and makes up Their Dudes and interprets the rules this way or that, and long may it remain so.
Just Tony
Welcome aboard! Feel free to settle in and engage wherever you want. Hopefully the resources here will be helpful.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
You came to the right place. The people on here are some of the most knowledgable people about the old game I've ever seen, willing to go over army lists and helping settle rule questions and giving advice on tweaking Your Dudes so that they fit better into the rules. I was pleasantly shocked to find that the game is alive and well as long as places like this still exist
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