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Homebrew "edition"
I've recently set out on a project to build a set of Oldhammer rules up from some composite of 3e-7e rules in an effort to patch some of the weaknesses of prior editions and provide greater breadth of content than just rolling everything all the way back to 4th or 5th would. This project is nowhere near done; I intend to eventually convert all army books purely for compatibility and then start working on balance, though I was able to make some changes based purely on my experiences of playing older editions.

All documents below have comment permission if you want to point out something in the doc specifically.

General balance changes across all books:
D-weapons are back to their Apocalypse-era role as "this is a superheavy main gun".
The 25% rule from 30k (no Lord of War can be more than 25% of the game's points value) is here, and is applied to all units to make deathstars harder and the really big tanks not show up in small games where the weapons to handle them aren't there.
Flyers' AV is lower (things that were 12/12/10 in 6e-7e are 12-11-10 or 11-11-10) to give all the S6-S7 AA more of a chance.
More things can have weak Invulnerable saves, and way fewer things can have good Invulnerable saves.
Initiative has been flattened some (more things are in the 3-5 range) so the choice about taking weapons with I modifiers is more meaningful.
"Warlord Traits" from 6th/7th exist, but they're now the province of "generic boss person" HQs (SM Captains, Eldar Autarchs, Ork Warbosses, etc.) to try and give them an advantage over using the specialist HQs other than pure statline.
Many more things are modifiers (+/- I instead of strikes first/strikes last, -cover instead of Ignores Cover, etc.).

Core Rulebook: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
I won't write a complete changelog here but this is a hybrid of the things I liked about every edition I played with some of my own fixes; you may find it resembles 7th more than earlier editions simply because I've tried to maximize content in the book (aircraft, superheavies, D-weapons, chariots, challenges, and the like are in the core document to keep everything in one place), but I've tried to be ruthless with things that stall or unbalance the game (Look out, Sir! is vastly simplified, and psykers resemble 5th more than anything else).

Space Marines: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
This is the loyalist Space Marine book for all nine First Founding Chapters. I've borrowed heavily from 30k for Chapter-specific content for Chapters that didn't get any, and for their modern reinterpretation of the veteran skills out of the 4e Codex, but this is still primarily a 40k book, despite the presence of Forge World material. At the moment Chapter-specific units are upgrades rather than unique profiles (ex. a Space Wolves Assault Squad takes the Feral upgrade to become Skyclaws) and Chapter-specific units on unique chassis aren't here (the DA Land Speeders and planes from 6th), but I've tried to do as much as possible to give everyone access to every unit and then give special bonuses to the people with unique versions of that unit.

Guard and Militia: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
This list draws heavily on the 30k Militia and Cults list for its organization; the same core set of profiles can be altered to represent a Guard force, PDF force, Genestealer Cult, Chaos Cult, or Frateris Militia force using the Allegiance and Doctrines system. Platoon org and squad sizes take after the 30k Solar Auxilia; instead of taking a command squad and 2-5 10-man infantry squads you get 1-3 10-20-man infantry squads, one of which can upgrade their Sergeant to a platoon officer. GSC-specific and Forge World vehicles are all present, and in an effort to make Rough Riders cool they get platoons and a d6" assault phase move.

Daemons: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
This list is mostly copy-pasted from the 30k Ruinstorm list because I really like it; you can mix up your own bizarre soup of upgrades and make a s strange Chaos-y force that resembles a stock GW one or has nothing to do with it. It's the sort of thing that would never fly if GW were writing the rules because none of it corresponds to specific models, and it's possibly the most amazing thing FW has ever put out.

Orks: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
This is the book I'm least sure of, since the Orks have never really been on my radar as something I might want to try playing. I've nerfed Mob Rule some since I want to minimize the existence of Fearless, taken a couple of ideas from 1d4chan's 30k Xenos project (S/T 5 3W Big Nobs!), committed the vilest of heresies by putting BS3 on some Orks, and managed to make some sense of the old Forge World range.

Craftworld Eldar: https://docs.goog...sp=sharing
On the opposite end of things this is the army I started with way back in 4e and I came in with some strong ideas about what I wanted to do with them. I've brought in generic "Exarch Skills" from the 6e rulebook to let you do more things with Aspects, Guardian Defenders are back to WS/BS 3 but they have the force barriers out of Dawn of War to camp cover better and 18" range on shuriken catapults, there are Craftworld Venoms, and Warlocks are 2W/2A all the time. I've stuck Harlequins into this book for now; I don't know if I want to try giving them their own book at some point.

Tau and the Mechanicum are partially done, CSM and Inquisition are next on my list. I'd love to hear feedback or suggestions on what I've got done so far, especially if someone manages to get a game in somehow!
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