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2021 Classichammer Hobby Goals
So with the new year upon us I am starting to do something that I really have not done much in years past. Set out goals in what I want to do with my hobby this year. Knowing my limitations on time and my standards of how I paint, we will certainly see if I can get all of this done let alone half of it. So without further ado here are my goals that I plan on working towards:


Crimson Fists: I have two companies of Crimson Fists and one is assembled and primed. Of that company I have decided to break it up into three elements. My goal is to finish the first element of this army this year, and this is the first project that I am going to be working on this year. I have three months before it should get warmer down where I live, so I expect to get a lot of this done in the next few months, especially as I am still working from home until April at the earliest. After that I would also like to get the other company assembled, but that is not likely, and honestly the second element needs to be priority, but painting has a different schedule than assembling and priming. We will see.

Orks: The boys from above need an opposing force. I have collected quite a few battle force boxes over the years. What better than to have their hated enemy available to them whenever someone wants to learn a classic game at my domicile. These guys are second on the list for assembly and priming, so I expect to have them at least primed and some paint by Orktober.

Other Projects: I have a few other armies that I have been collecting but have not been putting together. I am not exactly sure where I want to go from here, but I think that my next two armies that I want to start assembling are going to be Cadian IG and Tau. I already some of my Cadians broken down and at step 1 of my assembly, so they are in a good place to start as any. This is a definite we will see if I have the time to get them put together. No expectations of getting any paint on these two armies any time soon.


Orc's and Goblins: More specifically Goblins. I have been assembling a Goblin army over the past two years,(cleaning the parts have been a slog) and I think that it is time that I start getting some of these greenskins painted. Most of this particular element of this army is primed and ready for some paint. I still have some left to clean and assemble for this part of my Greenskins that I want to get done before I move on to other assembly projects, but not that much. Biggest question is will I tire in painting so much green?

Beasts of Chaos: I would like to at least assemble some of what I have in stock and get these painted. I feel that this may be a good change of pace from all of the green and blue that I will end up painting this year. Kind of a stretch goal right now.

Empire/Brettonian: I am not that fond of the look of the Landscheidt that GW made for their Imperial armies for WFB. What I do like is the War of the Roses look, and I have a few options on that. Likewise I would rather use historical armies for a Brettonian army rather than hunt for 5th edition metals on eBay. My goal for these two armies is to find humans to match somewhat tp what we had in the 4th/5th edition for Empire and Brettonian armies, which can be harder than you think. My goal is to finally paint up my test models that I already got and do a comparison of what I have found so far and see if I can settle on a historical company or two that sells these periods. As I am a fan of variety, I would like to get at least two if not three companies that are in these periods. First three that I like so far are Front Rank, Foundry, and Black Tree Games. Should a company like Victrix comes out with a plastic version of the WOTR or HYW period, and fits what I am looking for, I would be game as well. I am not a fan of the Perry's miniatures right now as they are noticeably small compared to what I want to use. The painting may be a break in all the green that I may be painting. Once settled on a plan of action, I expect to purchase and start assembling what I can. Empire is first on the list of the two.


I have some scenery that I want to get assembled and painted, especially a stone tower that needs a paint job. While I would like to, I doubt that I can get a board done unless I manage to find a table/Miter saw to cut the wood that I need, but you never know and that can be knocked out in the space of a weekend.

Website Projects:

Biggest project for this website is to get a new batch of forum software for this website. Last time that I read how to do this, I would need to transfer to a software that I want it would require me to transfer to an older edition of the new software and then transfer to a new edition. Bottom line it is complicated for me to do this. Secondly, I want to get it transferred to another server/hosting company if at all possible. Ultimately I would like to run this site on its own server that I control, but that may take some time for me to figure it out. Running this website is just as much of a hobby as painting my miniautres.

That is it and I am sure that it is more than enough for me to do hobby wise that it relates to Classic Hammer.
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jonathan e
For some years now, I have sworn off big Hobby Goals For The Months To Come, because something invariably goes wrong and I end up having to cancel the meetup that's the spur for playing, or I run out of money and have to sell everything, or... you know, life happens.

This is the first year where I've actually had a plan. I'm doing the Old World Army Challenge (In Space) for six months to get my blobby old plastic Orks and OG Land Raider painted up after having them on shelves for about five years. Not many models, no game at the end of it, just seeing if I can still be assed with painting at all (it's been years since I picked up a paintbrush for anything other than "speed paint these for a game next week"Wink. After that we'll see if anything else in the dead lead drawer sparks joy, or if it's time to thank them for their service and yeet!
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Just Tony
My goals are simple: keep an eye on acquiring models on the cheap, paint whole armies at a time then move on to the next thing. The eventual goal is every 6th Ed WFB army and every 3rd Ed 40K army barring stupidity like Khorne Angels and the like. From there, Battlefleet Gothic.
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I forgot about BFG. Is that something that you are searching for, or are you going the 3D printing route on that one?
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Just Tony
All depends on how stupid the aftermarket prices are.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
You guys have some cool goals. This is an expensive hobby financially and with the time commitment but seeing you guys going after it helps motivate me.

For 2021, my buddy and I have scheduled one battle for each month. We have been calling ourselves the MOHL (Massachusetts OldHammer League) and we are going to keep track of our Massacres-Victories-Draws-Losses throughout the year to decide the 2021 MOHL champion.

We also like Bowl Games and last November, we had our first annual Khorne Bowl and we drew so we will be looking to crown our Khorne Bowl Champions for the first time this fall.

In the summer, July we are aiming for, we are going to practice a siege so that we can have that in our repertoire for our eventual campaign.

THATS what we've been working up to since 2018: a campaign that spans the Western Hemisphere of the Warhammer world in 6th Edition.

We have High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Tomb Kings, and Chaos. I have been collecting all the PDFs I can get my hands on and setting up the campaign's story outline and lore as well as getting cool models ready for a 6th Edition ruleset (such as Lion Chariots of Chrace, Forest Goblin Spider Riderz, etc.)

Corey has been painting up his army of Wood Elves and has been acquiring painted models from the depths of the internet. I commissioned a map-maker (cartographer?) to make us a 4 foot by 4 foot map of the Western Hemisphere on some old-timey looking parchment type paper, and the progress photos she has sent look amazing so far.

This year's focus for the MOHL is to continue learning all the 6th Edition rules backwards and forwards and to improve our terrain. We have a ton of models now but our terrain for each of them is sorely lacking and we are looking to step that up. Our fantasy is a campaign where every model is painted and every army has terrain pieces that match its theme and we are able to play games with confidence and without having to constantly look up every rule.
As far as the purchasing front, the only thing that I would be looking to purchase is some historical miniatures for my Imperial army. I need to get some foundry and crusader models to test out, and anything else that I can find that is a good fit. Outside of that, I really don't need to buy anything. Everything else that I am planning is current inventory.
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Tiny, I've been told by others as well that historical models can be a stylish and cost effective way of putting together cool human armies so that's probably something I'll follow your lead on someday when we break into the human armies of the world.

Tony, I share your 6th Edition goal of eventually having a solid army for each faction of WHFB. I would even want armies that never got real Army Books like Chaos Dwarfs, Araby, Cathay, etc. I think having those and terrain from each faction's home region would be my ultimate. And of course a sweet gaming table to play with them all on.
Just Tony
You know, you could run a Dark Shadows campaign. It even has a siege scenario.
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Brother Brutus
My first goal is to have at least 1500 points for every 40K faction that has a 5th-Edition codex. I'm getting close (I'm not rich, just been collecting since Rogue Trader), but there's still much painting to be done. My main goal, however, is to just be able to play again - hopefully sometime this summer our group will reconvene and roll some dice.
My 2021 goal is very very simple:

Get a game-legal Tau army.

After the Great Crisis Team Struggle of 2017-2020, I have largely abandoned any large-scale hobby goals in favour of just taking it day by day. Thus, my only serious goal for 2021's hobby is to bring my nascent Tau army to a place where it is legal for games in the editions I'm most interested in.

This essentially means painting up an HQ unit for them, which should be achievable at some point in 2021.

Beyond that, I do have other hobby plans but they are mostly gravy. In addition to the aforementioned HQ unit I wouldn't mind getting around to adding some long-awaited vehicles to my Tau army.

I would also like to put together some Eagles for my Wood Elves, which would mark the first painted Rare choices for the army.

And breaking from GW games entirely, there are some Timber Wolves sitting in my backlog that could do with some love. But that is perhaps a topic for another place...
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We did look at Dark Shadows but most of what we are going to be doing (at least for the first 20 battles or so) is pulled from Storm of Chaos, the scenarios in the back of the main rulebook, and scenarios from the General's Compendium.

We have 8 Races, each with 5 Generals that have their own "Points Bank." So 40 Army Lists, with a lot of them being Variant Lists (for example the Orcs & Goblins have 1 'Ardboyz List led by Grimgor, 1 Savage Orcs Horde List led by Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu, 1 Night Goblins List led by Skarsnik, 1 Default Greenskins List led by Azhag, and 1 Goblins-Only List led by Grom the Paunch.)

The first round of battles will be 17 different scenarios (we gave 6 of the top generals "Byes" through the first round for story purposes) and these scenarios span from Meeting Engagement (Grimgor vs Wurrzag) to the Halting the Tide (Crom the Unconquerable vs High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer) scenario in Storm of Chaos to the Great Lizards of the Dragon Isles making a Last Stand against Beastlord Rakarth of the Dark Elves, there to slaughter and perhaps even capture some dinosaur monsters.

It's ambitious as hell and it's going to take us YEARS but we at least have been making good progress and continue to play tournament style Pitched Battles in the meantime to continue mastering the rules.

.....and by Timber Wolves.... are we talking about some Smoke Jaguar Madcats here?
I moved back to canada in the intern and have gotten my box of shame from my buddy's house. It contains a ton of lizardmen to pad out my army and a bunch of other stuff. my other goal is a fully playable cult of ulric/middenheimer list. And getting everything painted up.

I picked up these to get all the choices in the books for each of their respective armies, and all the special characters:

Sigvald (no rules, going with slaanesh champion)
slaanesh chariot
10 old metal ghouls
black coach (second for von carstien/sylvannian list)
old ghost for collecting purposes
dark elf dreadlord for Kouran
20 empire starter box spearmen
10 empire archers
20 teutogen guard (so pretty lol)
marco columbo
10 shadow warriors
elathron the blind
4 chaos ogres
warpfire thrower
sir amalric

Lizardmen-wise I got:

100 Saurus warriors
28 Temple Guard
25 Saurus knights
9 Kroxigor
5 Old ones/scar vets
3 skink priests
51 skinks
3 bastillodons (engine of the gods, lustria book)
troglidon (no idea what i will use it for)
skink bsb
Nakai sacred kroxigor
3 terradons

only things i have on my radar other than the ulric models are chameleon skinks and a recast of Braugh Slavelord (no friggin way am i paying $750+ on a single ogre model)
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