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Mr E. Contemplates His Sylvan Future (Wood Elf army list theorycraft)
jonathan e
Every so often I get really into a faction on the Total War: Warhammer and come over all "what if I did them on the tabletop?" Normally this wears off after a weekend or two, but sometimes it sticks, and the last time it stuck I ended up with a Tomb Kings army.

This time around it's Wood Elves. Now, I have many memories of being kicked around the table by armies that only have three actual Wood Elves in them (all Spellsingers) and no desire to lose friends and alienate people - but I have rather fallen for the Drycha army and the Forest Spirit models are the easiest to lay hands on in this day and age.

Further commentary to follow the units themselves, but first, the list!

Download source  Code
Branchwraith                    65
Level 1 wizard                  50
Cluster of Radiants             25
Annoyance of Netlings           25

Spellsinger                     90
Dispel Magic Scroll             25
Divination Orb                  25

Noble                           75
Alter Kindred                   25
Helm of the Hunt                20
Glamourweave                    30
light armour, shield            4
great weapon                    4

Noble                           75
Battle Standard                 25
Moonstone of the Hidden Ways    35
Briarsheath                     15

10 Glade Guard                  120

10 Glade Guard                  120

10 Glade Guard                  120

8 Dryads                        96

8 Dryads                        96

5 Tree Kin                      325

5 Wild Riders                   130

Treeman                         325

Great Eagle                      50


The rough (and at this stage still hypothetical) plan is to pick up the post-Wood-Elf warband for that Warhammer Underworlds thing to make my characters, the Start Collecting box for the angry tree faction to... start collecting, boxes of Tree-Revenants and Wild Riders to round things out and then use third party ranges for the archers and eagle.

The specific ranges and sets I have in mind will make it very easy to build bigger units if I decide this "MSU" malarkey is a bridge too far. Regiments of 16 Glade Guard and Dryads should take the edge off the army somewhat and wouldn't cost me anything other than a slight cut to the Alter Noble's PE kit.

The Trees? Well, it's not a proper Wood Elf army without a Treeman in my ever-humbles, and while the current miniature is very much a Bigger Giant it'll go nicely with the Bigger Giants occasionally adorning my opponents' armies. I'm not actually sure how many points he costs as my PDF is missing a few pages, and if I have points to spare I shall... panic, and then appeal to you very fine people for ideas on what to do with them. The Tree-Kin are there partly because I like the newer models and partly because all my armies have a big wedge of 40mm bases to take point or hold a flank and worry people.

I'm not entirely sure about the odd 150-odd points. The Great Eagle is there because the giant budgies are such classic pestering units, while the Wild Riders are a frivolous "whyever not?" choice largely motivated by my wanting at least some cavalry and them being still in production.

I want to go fairly light on magic and not bother with a Lord choice, just to provide a firm contrast to my top-heavy Vampire Counts army. I'm hoping that five Dispel dice, a bonus from the Divination Orb on any big casts and an emergency Scroll will be enough to nurse me through most magical nonsense, while my own magic phases will be two (three?) casts of Tree Singing to see what happens.

The Alter Noble is there largely because my longest term opponent is terrified of them. Certainly seems to throw out a lot of attacks, and I opted for the great weapon because Strength 4 won't stop anything sleeping at nights. Finally, there's a Battle Standard Bearer whose job is to teleport key units out of peril and stay close to the Treeman to ensure the big lug remains in the fight. (I am tempted by the Bow of Loren instead of the Waystone on this fella, and any insight anyone has to offer here would be greatly appreciated.
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One thing I CAN help with right away is Treeman cost: he is 285 points in the WE 6th Edition Book. In my non-expert, very low-tier experience, the Treeman ends up being a waste of points, unfortunately. We even have a House Rule where he can use his Strangleroot as a Stand-and-Shoot reaction but he just draws so much War Machine fire.

I'm not an expert but my main opponent's favoured army is Wood Elves and I can confirm that 3 units of Glade Guard are incredibly effective for the points cost. They work very well in an MSU set up because a 120 point unit is able to secure 300 VP.

I think you misplaced your Glamourweave here. EDIT: WHOOPS I'm a moron there is also a Magic Item called Glamourweave giving him a Ward Save, nevermind.

If you are going to combine units, maybe that unit of Dryads could combine to make 16? Then you would have Fear+Outnumber in some situations and could swing an AutoBreak.

Just as a full disclaimer, I am only about 2 years/20 games into my experience playing in 6th Edition so others like Tiny or Tony may have much more experience with tweaking a list like this
Edited by MattyFenby on 21-01-2021 15:16
jonathan e
Well, that's points recovered for... stuff? Command on the Wild Riders feels like a waste, but champions for the Forest Spirits or extra bodies for those Glade Guard units if they went into 8x2 lines (instead of the Dryad champions) would be on the cards. So you definitely helped!

The doubling up on names threw me for a bit too. I am told the Crystal of... whatsitcalled, the 3+ Ward Save that goes away if you fail it... is a good buy, but I just don't trust myself with items that fizzle when they don't work, and the pseudo-Fear effect from the Glamourweave seems like a good fit and companion for the Annoyance of Netlings on the Branchwraith.

Jamming the Dryad units into one is definitely an option. I've been led to believe that small units charging in alongside the big tree and/or the Alter Noble will do the business, though.

As for the big tree himself, it's six of one and half a dozen of the other. Anecdata from the crew behind suggests their local Treeman has almost never died, and I don't often play into the kind of armies that lob three flaming cannonballs in his direction. I'm more worried about the Dryads evaporating the first time a Warlock Engineer decides to flex his talons in their direction, but if I spent my entire life worrying about Warlock Engineers I'd probably never play again.
Warhammer transmissions at Malediction Games

VC original run: 20 / 6 / 21
VC comeback tour: 5 / 0 / 4
WE fresh start: -/-/-
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