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Feasibility of a 6th Edition WHFB Tournament in 2022
This is purely dreaming at this point and not at all a real plan yet but, I am wondering how feasible it would be to try and organize a 6th Edition Tournament for late 2022 which should be well after the pandemic worries have passed.

I have one opponent in Massachusetts that I play against every month, and we are having a great time doing super competitive Tourney Lists against each other while also setting up a friendly Campaign with all the wacky Variant Lists we can find. While this is great, I do see some hardcore players who are 6th Edition experts on here and lament that I will never get to play against them because it is no longer 2005 and there aren't 6th Edition Tourneys anymore.

Again, this is all hypothetical and not in any planning stages yet but, if someone like me were to buy a big trophy and plunk $1,000 down as prize money or something like that, would there be any interest in the ClassicHammer community for meeting in Massachusetts or some other location in 2022 for a big friendly-yet-competitive Tourney?

I know travelling to play a defunct game is a huge logistical thing and that the bragging rights and meager prize money might not be enough to motivate people. I also know that the Local Gaming Stores near me are going through a tough time so its hard to know for certain they would even have tables for us in late 2022 but I guess this post is just a pulse checking post for any interest in that kind of thing.

If anyone else is already doing this or if these Tourneys still do exist somehow then that's great news and I'd love to be pointed in that direction
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To be honest, I would rather do a game weekend or quickie campaign rather than a tournament, but yes an event would be something that I would like to do at some point in time.
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Honestly, I'd be going there simply to be able to play other players than Ashley. The prize money, while nice, isn't the primary motivator. More of an issue for me would be the venue. Something a little more central would probably be ideal. Either way, as much input as you'll get from those of us that still post on here, you'd need a hell of a lot more than just this site's members.
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Over here in the UK (a small place, with perhaps a greater headcount of middle-aged men who still have their sixth edition WFB armies lying around, and not directly comparable) it's been very possible to organise small scale events with a dozen or so players coming together for a three-round low-stakes tournament or a weekend of big spectacle games. Having been involved in the running of one such event I can share a little advice on how we managed it.

As much as I detest the Wizard Zuckerburg and all his foul pollution of our discourse, Facebook seems to have been essential in creating the critical mass of said middle-aged men and putting them all in touch with each other, so I can only recommend that you start there.

It helps to have an immediate interest grabber, a piece of evidence that this is Definitely Going To Happen and isn't just more big talk from the Internet. A battle report in which you test out the play conditions for the tournament (that's what we did for the fifth edition B.I.G. Bash a couple of years ago), or a cool venue already on the cards - "I'd like to book this place out and play some games but we need at least X people to make it viable" (that's what was done for the Exeter Games Gathering the year before last).

It also helps to have the Facebook group infrastructure already set up so that people can talk smack, get excited, and make the necessary arrangements re. finding opponents and splitting accommodation and so on. I imagine that since the US is such a big damn place it might be worth creating, say, a Massachusetts Middlehammer Events group and using that to bring together relevant semi-local players, get a few games going, and then escalate into an event from there.

Basically: make it a bit more than just "would anyone be interested", show people that you're already doing the work and they'll probably muck in and do the rest for themselves.
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