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Found a sweet deal
Just Tony
So my brother had talked to an older gentleman while I was moving my models last game and the guy said almost all his collection of 30+ years of models were up for grabs at $1 a model with a few notable exceptions. So he wound up going over with X amount of cash and nabbed quite a bit. He left some stuff sitting there until he could cash up and head back.

I asked for a complete list but I didn't get one yet. Not everything is in the pictures. by Tony Lucas, on Flickr by Tony Lucas, on Flickr by Tony Lucas, on Flickr by Tony Lucas, on Flickr by Tony Lucas, on Flickr

He also got loaned a copy of 1st Ed. and sent pics of a couple High Elf books he wanted to identify if they were 6th Ed. or not. He got the BRB, Generals Compendium and a bunch of other books as well... by Tony Lucas, on Flickr by Tony Lucas, on Flickr
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That's quite the haul. So your Wood Elf army is off to a good start it seems. Is that a 3rd edition book that I see as well?
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jonathan e
Oh, that's a magic moment right there! I had something similar last year - a neighbour in the village turned out her loft and found all her sons' mid-90s Warhammer stash in there. 200 for a job lot that gave me two new units of Knights, two of kitbashed Skeletons, a Middlehammer giant and a ton of lead Empire and Orc figures to sell on. Happy days.
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That's amazing. $1 a model is such a steal that guy is a stud for giving that price!
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