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6th Edition: First Game as Daemons 1500 Pt List
This is my first try at a Daemons list for my upcoming competitive league game vs Greenskins.


Exalted Daemon Of Chaos -- Upgraded to LVL 1 Wizard. 2 Dispel Scrolls. 320 Points.


Plaguebearers of Nurgle x 15 . 240 Points.

Nurgling Swarms x 2. 80 Points.

Mounted Daemonettes of Slaanesh x 6. 180 Points.

Bloodletters of Khorne x 15. Full Command. 275 Points.

Horrors of Tzneetch x 16. 240 Points.

Flamers of Tzneetch x 3. 75 Points.

Chaos Furies x 6. 90 Points.

TOTAL: 1500 Points.

I decided to change things up after getting SMOKED last game. With 1 win and 3 losses so far this year, it's time to buckle down. I don't have plans to bring any Special or Rare slots at this time but I'm not morally opposed to it either.

Technically I don't HAVE to be Daemons, I can bring any Chaos Hero as my General, but I just bought pretty much all the models you see here painted on Ebay and I'd like to bring at least a few of them. All advice welcome I'm completely green with Daemons. I do like how I'll have the Fear edge up against his Boyz and I want to exploit that with a big footprint on the board. Is that a decent idea?

EDIT: Also considering running 2 Sorcerers in the Hero Slots , one with the Chalice of Chaos as the General to keep us Daemonic and one with 2 Dispel Scrolls. Opens up room for a unit of Flesh Hounds of Khorne.
Edited by MattyFenby on 31-05-2021 19:17
Just Tony
I find no fault in this, honestly. Make sure you choose a lore where your #1 spell is decent, then always default to it. You won't get many casts off, but a few might happen.
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jonathan e
I wasn't aware Daemon characters could take ordinary magic items: thought they were allowed Daemonic Gifts only. I would recommend Spell Breaker and Soul Hunger (you like your scrolls, and rerolls to hit are always welcome - if that's the one I'm thinking of...)

Apart from that I like it, and I second the advice regarding spell lores. Lore of Fire should serve you well on an Exalted Daemon; Flaming Sword will be extremely solid with that statline underneath it, and Burning Head should be decent on a mobile caster.
VC original run: 20 / 6 / 21
VC comeback tour: 5 / 0 / 4
WE fresh start: 1/-/1

to be confirmed...
I didn't even think of that!

I think you are absolutely right, I am going to go double check that now.

EDIT: You are 100% correct. I COULD take Spell Breaker as one Dispel Scroll fill-in and then another Gift... but I think now I am going to lean further into going with two Sorcerers to split his targets. One with Chalice of Chaos to keep us Daemonic and one as the "Scroll Caddy" with 2 Dispels. I know you look down on that Jonathan, but with all my guys having a Ward save that doesn't work against Magic, I'd like to bring two get out of jail free cards instead of one. This also gives me room to bring 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne if I drop only one Chaos Fury. I suspect I'm going to be facing maybe 4 Bolt Throwers so I want Furies, Hounds, and Daemonettes all hauling up the sidelines to shut that down.
Edited by MattyFenby on 02-06-2021 14:36
jonathan e
I can see why you want the scroll caddy and in your "go hard or go home" environment it's a perfectly valid choice. If I was going to get on my high horse at anything it would be token Mortal characters in an otherwise pure Daemon army - it's like those Wood Elf armies with three Spellweavers cowering at the back and nothing but Dryads and Treemen as far as the eye can see. But, again, valid in context, you've made it clear that you're in it to win it and I'm approaching your lists with that mindset (as best I can, anyway).

If you've got two footslogging Sorcerers you could go double Shadows on them, aiming to get Unseen Lurker and Creeping Death in there somewhere (extra movement goes a long way in Chaos armies and Creeping Death's actually pretty good for a single die missile - it's the "no armour save" that does it).

Flesh Hounds genuinely unnerve me, that's a lot of Magic Resistance to be throwing upfield and the sort of unit you can afford to piece trade if it means the enemy Rare unit or a wizard goes poof.
VC original run: 20 / 6 / 21
VC comeback tour: 5 / 0 / 4
WE fresh start: 1/-/1

to be confirmed...
I have a couple of questions:

How does the BsB work for Daemonic Instability?

Pending the answer to that question, should I be taking one in this 1500 Point game?

I'm also considering dropping the Scroll Caddy and the Nurgling Swarms for a unit of Knights so I can have one more unit that hits hard on a charge, since the Nurglings aren't actually Unbreakable anyways but just regular old Daemonic. Would that be a smart play, especially in tandem with a possible BsB? A unit of 5 Chosen Knights of Chaos w full command is 275, a 5 man squad of Knights of Khorne w full command is 260...
jonathan e
I don't think it does anything to Daemonic Instability (it's not a Break test) but I also don't have a copy of Hordes of Chaos or its errata to hand. If it DOES then yes absolutely take one don't think twice DO IT. Expensive Daemon units poofing because you showed a ten or above on 2d6 is embarrassing. I think some Chaos armies can get away without one but my own approach is to render my army as resilient against bad Leadership stats and swingy rolls as possible (I realise I left one out of my theoryhammer Chaos project - a terrible oversight).

Recommend Khorne Knights over Chosen Knights. The 1+ save isn't the "laugh off S3 shots" that it was in prior editions; the extra Dispel die and immunity to psychology will serve you better in the long run, and you can use fast units and charge declaration order to manage their frenzy (especially with only one unit of the bounders).
VC original run: 20 / 6 / 21
VC comeback tour: 5 / 0 / 4
WE fresh start: 1/-/1

to be confirmed...
The Daemonic instability with a BSB has no specifics one way or another on the BSB. I would have expected to see something similar to the TK or VC rules on BSB, where you get one less wound because of it. There they specifically wrote it in. Having said that, and notice that it is specifically left off, I don't believe that it was left out by accident. They also have some nuances from the rules of the undead. Similar, but unique enough to make a difference. I was also looking if you could mix and match the whole character corps between Daemonic and Mortal. I have not seen anything either way. The General is the only one that has the rules that set it into motion. Erratta does not have anything that I see either.
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jonathan e
You can definitely mix and match characters from Mortal, Daemon and Beast types across the army.

Interesting that they left Daemonic Instability off the BSB. I suppose that rerolling the 10-12 "poof!" initial outcome makes it so unlikely that it may as well not be there, and it is a pretty significant counterbalance for the Greater Daemons or big units of Daemonic infantry...
VC original run: 20 / 6 / 21
VC comeback tour: 5 / 0 / 4
WE fresh start: 1/-/1

to be confirmed...
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