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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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General Rules
I am going to try to keep the rules to an "appropriate minimum" for the most part on this site. My intent is to set some guidelines as to not be overly offensive. With that in mind I do believe in the freedom of speech and this website will have a free speech forum, where some of this will be allowed. For all of the rest of the forums I would like everyone to adhere to the following rules:

- No trolling
- No flaming
- No chat or "leet" speak
- No obscenity/pornography (there are plenty of locations on the internet for that and this is not one of them)
- ;No derogatory terms (particularly those dealing with ethnicity or sexual orientation)
- ;No trading or selling posts (except for the forums designed for commerce)
- No Intellectual Property (IP) Violations (I know that they are old rules, and most of them go for cheap on e-bay)
- No excessive points values in army lists or discussions - this means don't post Army Builder print outs or fully tree'd out points/stats for your army lists. Keep it simple. Such as Commander, gear X,Y,Z Pts. 285
- No posting images inappropriately
- No swearing -
- No spamming - Spam isn't simply multiple identical posts across the forums, it also includes pointless, off-topic or smart-alec posts anywhere on the board.
- ABSOLUTELY NO OFF-TOPIC DISCUSSIONS. Particularly in regards to politics, nationalism, religion, sexuality or moral/ethical debates. (except for the free speech forums)
- Failure to login at least once a year will result in the inactivity notice to be sent to you. You have 14 days to respond or you will be removed.
Edited by TinyLegions on 16-04-2017 12:14
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