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Vehicle Design Rules
I'm curious if anyone had any experience with using the Vehicle Design Rules.

If you have, I'm curious if you had any success with these? Did you find them too weak, too strong, or just right?

I remember facing some absurd anomalies that made me think the rules were broken and therefore I never really regarded them as useful, but taking a look at them now I think they aren't all that terrible, as long as the model is created before stat'd out.
Just Tony
It was a mixed bag. You usually got far less than what you paid for pointswise, and it seemed that was an inherent cost associated with being able to design your own tank from the ground up. I say usually because the 100 bolter tank came from these rules, and there isn't enough points in the world for that especially when you move that into 4th Ed. where you can fire support weapons on the move.
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I used them, long ago now, to make Rigel-pattern Rhinos for my long-lost Guard army - Rhinos with Chimera turrets that could carry 10 men. I liked them, only ever made one though. Still have the rules in the relevant Chapter Approved. Used with care, they're excellent - even in 4th edition.
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Glad to hear they served you well, worker. I also have the Chapter Approveds (the three for 3rd, not sure if they came out with more after).
You could produce some amazingly mad things with them, too, and I think they were also used by Forgeworld in the early days to get the points values for their new vehicles.
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