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Bringing later edition models into earlier editions
One large obstacle to playing an earlier edition is if a player has a miniature or unit that simply does not exist in prior editions. Perhaps the miniature is cool or the player really likes it or what have you. Many times, a simple "counts as" can work, but often the player will want to have some rules that truly model what the idea of the mini or unit was.

In my case, I'm playing 3rd edition 40k, where the number of shots/attacks is, in general, much less than future editions. Bringing something with bucket loads of shots is easy enough to "reduce down" to 3rd edition stat-lines, and remove superfluous special rules to make it more streamlined. In theory, anyway. I have not actually done this myself just yet.

I'm sure taking a mini that came out with 6th edition rules in mind would have the same difficulty stat-ing out in 4th or 5th.

All of this would be heavy house-rule dependent, but I think there's some value in it. For example, if your main opponent is playing the new Necrons and you give them the 3rd edition Necron codex, they're going to give a look at everything they cannot use in 3rd. Stat-lining the various new units and coming up with costs may be difficult, but in many cases might be worth the time.
I agree that it's a good thing to try (though I haven't yet). Your point about Necrons in particular is a good one- I like my shiny robots, but they became very boring very quickly when they had such little variety in their list!
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The best thing to think of would be the "spirit" of the list for the army you use. In 3rd Ed. you had a rather bland but balanced Chaos book that was supplanted with a book where you could customize special rules on every figure in the army ON TOP OF being able to have ranged weapons at the same time as a bolt pistol and CCW. If you were porting something new from Chaos to 3rd, it would depend on which of these books you were using, and adjusting its output and points accordingly. It'd also probably take a few games with it to get the "feel".
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I definitely agree about "feel". When I eventually do this, getting the "feel" right is the most important part.
For starters, welcome to the board HS, and yes that is a problem playing classic games at times when you have units that did not exist until recently. Flyers come to my mind instantly. However, one method is to take the basic infantry unit, (space marine, guardsmen, etc.) and compare the points total. Extrapolating the difference is where I would start in figuring out how much a unit would cost in an older edition.

For example, a Space Marine in the 6th edition book costs 14 pts, they used to cost atleast 20 in previous editions I've been told. Given the difference, were I to figure out an appropriate cost for a Stormtalon or a Stormraven, I would add 30% to the flyer from the start, and then come up with an appropriate cost from there. It is not perfect and requires play testing, but it is a start.
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Using the baseline is a great start. Also, some things are naturally reduced in power just by the base rules. For example, Assault cannons go down to 3 shots each from 4 shots each.

My group and I plan on "stat-ing out" the various new models that have come out since 3rd edition 40k that we like the aesthetic of. If/when we come up something good and playtest it, I'll be posting what we come up with on to this forum for all to see Smile
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