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The 5th edition box set
I was painting last night and I'm about halfway through one of my units of the 5th edition style Saurus Warriors and it made me think about how cool the 5th edition box set was. I split two boxes, one with a Brettonian player and one with a Vampire Counts player who converted the knights to be Black Knights. I got the "outhouse" from one of the two sets, and many a battle was played fighting over it!

To note, I bought these during 6th edition, so I never played 5th edition. However, I always found the content of that box to be pretty great. I've since lost the "outhouse", and wish I still had it.

Anyway, I don't have much point to my ramblings, but I was reminiscing and felt like sharing! Maybe one day I'll go buy another 5th edition box set and keep the Brettonian side this time.
Just Tony
My brother was into the Lizardmen as an army, and my Arthurian side caved easily to the Brets, so it was an easy purchase. Ironically it was a handful of High Elf models that we got in a package deal with some Dark Eldar that kicked off our Fantasy binge in the first place.
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There's a 4th edition starter set at a retro toy store that's been calling my name for a few months, just because I want to get some of those old High Elf models.
I still have the 4ed Goblins from back in the day. I used them as practice models back then, which they are good ones even now.
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The 5e box set definitely had great production value. Two full-colour rulebooks, multi-pose plastic kits (basically unheard of at that time) and gorgeous, bright artwork. Our group of friends got one to start Warhammer with it, but the choice of armies never made much sense once you got your first look at the world map. We also had someone that sprang for the Lizardmen, but I never thought the army was very interesting (at least how it looked and played... The background story was killer).
Just Tony
HidaSeku wrote:

There's a 4th edition starter set at a retro toy store that's been calling my name for a few months, just because I want to get some of those old High Elf models.

I only WISH I could come across more of those cheaply, I already have three 20 man Spearmen blocks and two 20 man Archer blocks from those plastics. I'd love to do an army with nothing but those Core units and a mage.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Ive grown to like the old monopose plastics more & more.
I used to hate them & only fill out a unit with them if they were less than half the unit, but today I would like full units with maybe just a command Group, they look more organized (this obviously dont work as well with certain armies but Empire, Bretonnia, Elves of all kind & even Chaos warriors would look great imo).

Another great source of plastic models was the Battle Masters game by GW & Mirliton, Ive used plenty of those human models for my old Dogs of War army.
I definitely like some of the monopose plastics... the Chaos Warriors, Chaos Dwarfs and Beastmen were great, as were the Skaven Clanrats. A Bretonnian archer was the first model I ever painted (at a painting clinic in my FLGS!) and I still dig those figures. I also love the Empire Halberdiers and almost fell off my chair when I had the chance to scoop up a Regiment of Altdorf box set (the models themselves are very common, but it was great to have the box set and shield transfers I always oogled at in White Dwarf magazine ads). I found the Dwarfs, Orcs and High Elves to be also pretty nice, although I am more ambivalent about the Goblins.

The Wood Elf archers were always too small in comparison to their metal counterparts, though, and the big flat spaces on the cloaks are difficult for me to paint even to this day. Still, I've replaced them with Harlequin Wood Elf archers which are metal models that are nearly monopose and very similar to the plastic GW models:

Good old Black Tree design, used many Harlequin models from them to fill out units that weren't available in plastic back in the day, they made great Bretonnian men at arms as well.
A friend of mine made his entire undead army (except the characters) using only models from them.
I think a lot of the monsters that appeared on my group's table were Harlequin models, though I can't remember for sure.

The 4th and 5th ed boxes are what really got my group started. 2 players had High Elves, and 2 had Bretonnians. I don't know what ever happened to the Goblins or Lizardmen.

I also liked the 6th ed box- it was the first starter I ever had, and a good edition too. I was able to trade the Empire for more Orcs, so gained a Greenskin army rapidly, though I'm now very happy to have an Empire army again too- including copies of those starter box models!
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