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What is your biggest army?
Either by point value or by model count? My biggest is probably my Orc and Goblin army. It has:

60 Night Goblin Spearmen (the lovely old metal ones)
20 Night Goblin Archers (ditto)
34 Black Orcs (mid 90’s metal)
10 Orc Boar Boyz (from late 90's)
15 Savage Orc Boar Boyz (same vintage)
45 or so Orc Boyz with hand weapons (ranging from 80's to 90's)
12 Orc Arrer Boyz
12 Orc Crossbow Boyz
10 Goblin Wolfriders (mid 90's with plastic wolves)
8 Fanatics
15 Night Goblin Nettas and Clubbas
6 Squigs with Squig Hunters
4 Squig Hoppers
2 Goblin Wolf Chariots
2 Orc Boar Chariots
3 Stone Trolls
3 River Trolls
5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders
14 Forest Goblins with hand weapons
2 Giants (Marauder models)
1 Orc Bolt Thrower (early 90's)
3 Doom Divers (the old model)
And a couple Rock Lobbas (actually Crooked Claw models, but they fit in perfectly)

There are also the obligatory character models and a random handful of other things (like Savage Orcs and Forest Goblin Stikkas) but not enough to make full units. There are definitely a few odds and ends that I need to pick up, but I am cheap and always wait to find bargain basement deals.
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Well I guess if I do my combined Chaos army for 6th.
khorne lord
slanesh lord
nurgle lord
khorne standard
3 khorne heroes
2 mounted sorcerers
2 undivided heroes
3 beast heroes
3 beast shamans
lord of change
2 daemon princes
20 warriors (sword and board)
20 warriors (halberd)
20 warriors (double hand weapon)
10 warriors (great weapon)
20 mauraders
10 Maurader horseman
20 chaos knights
1 chaos chariot
120 gors
50 ungors
20 khorngors
20 beastigors
3 beast chariots
30 chaos hounds
30 bloodletters
10 fleshhounds
30 plaguebearers
5 nurgling bases
40 daemonettes
30 horrors
6 flamers
3 screamers
2 minotaur lords
3 minotaurs
6 chaos ogres
9 chaos trolls
5 centigors
3 dragon ogres
1 shaggoth
1 mutated giant
6 spawn
and maybe an unbuilt hellcannon in my bits

if I go back to 5th edition its all one army!
My Hellblaster's catastrophic explosion is always counted as a successful kill.
For me, it has to be Empire.

Grand Master Templar
2 Wizards on Horse
3 Wizards on foot
General on Griffon
General on foot
Arch Lector on War Altar
2 Warrior Priests on horse
4 Warrior Priests on foot
Captain on Pegasus
Captain BSB on horse
Captain BSB on foot
3 Captains on foot
Witch Hunter
18 Knights Panther
43 Swordsmen
49 Halberdiers
70 Spearmen
8 Archers
20 Militia
10 Crossbowmen
135 Handgunners (yeah, a bit overboard Grin)
3 Mortars
4 Great Cannons
5 Outriders
28 Leopold's Leopard Company
27 Greatswords
4 Converted Demigryphs (Panther Knights)
8 Reiksguard Knights
2 Hellblasters
10 Lumpin Croop's Fighting Cocks

In 8th edition, it came out to 9,248 points with regular magic item layouts, options, and unit commands.
Just Tony

High Elf Lord on Dragon
Eltharion on Griffon
Three mages on foot
Mounted Prince
Prince on Foot
Battle Standard Bearer
8 Silver Helms
5 man Reaver unit
5 man Reaver unit
2 Tiranoc Chariots
30 man Spearmen unit
30 man Spearmen unit
30 man Spearmen unit
20 man Archer unit
20 man Archer unit
10 Shadow Warriors
19 Swordmasters
2 Great Eagles
4 Repeater Bolt Throwers
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So I need to do my inventory, but I think that my dwarf army is the largest in model size and points. After that I think that it would be either High or Dark Elves, not sure which I have more of right now. After that it would be my Empire army, and followed by Beasts of Chaos. I have a few models here and there of other armies but that is about it.

It would be wise of me to get everything inventoried and squared away so that I can see what I can part with and what I need before everything turns into collectors items more than what they already are.

EDIT: On top of forgetting my beastmen, I also forgot to say that at some point in time, I am going to start working on a Bretonnian force that can be used as a historical army. The Empire is just about that depending on what system you use I suppose.
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Just Tony
If my dream every comes true, and my budget can hit where I want, I want to get 6 Isle of Blood sets so I can build both a massive Skaven Core army, and bulk out my High Elves with a few units. That would probably drive the Skaven to the top of the list if I made that dream a reality. In a perfect world I'd do the same with the Battle for Skull Pass sets, but those are way overpriced online.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I've been trying to get a Battle for Skull Pass off of eBay myself lately, and I've missed out and been outbid at the last second on the few decently priced bids. Definitely the price has gone through the roof on that kit!
My Chaos army under 6:th edition was rather large:

40 Marauders with Shields (bearmen of Urso)
30 Marauders with flails (5:th edition metals9
18 Marauders with GW's (5:th edition metals)
17 Marauder horsemen
8 Chariots
60 Hunchback Chaos warriors (24 with shield, rest with halberds)
18 Monopose Battlemasters Chaos warriors
24 chaos warriors (the storm of chaos ones, halberds)
47 Chaos warriors (various Equipment, 2nd-4th edition metals)
18 Chosen (metal 7:th edition ones)
21 Chaos Hounds (various editions here as well)
33 Chaos Knights (various editions)
5 monopose Battlemasters knights
11 Flesh hounds of Khorne
20 Furies
24 Bloodletters
10 Horrors
5 flamers
5 screamers
1 Beast of Nurgle
2 Nurgling swarm bases
30 Beastmen Gors
20 Beastmen Ungors
30 Bestigors
2 Beastchariots
18 Minotaurs
18 Trolls
6 Ogres with GW
3 Dragon Ogres
2 Giants
1 Hellcannon
2 Shaggoths (original one & the current one)
6 Chaos spawns

unofficial, allies or added later:
6 Skullcrushers
2 Chimeras
1 Gorebeast chariot
5 Golgfag's Ogres
10 Vespero's Vendetta
15 Nightmare legion
5 Chaos Thug archers
4 Fimir
3 Skinwolves
1 Preyton
2 Dogs of War cannons
2 Chaos Dwarf swivel guns
2 Chaos Dwarf bazooka teams
18 Chaos Dwarfs
1 Dark Emissary
4 Ogre leadbelchers

I really donīt know about my characters, I have tons of characters because that is what I like to paint the most, but just looking at the shelf I can see:
special characters:
3 Archaons (first one, second one & the limited edition on foot)
1 Egrimm Van Horstmann on Dragon
2 Aekold Helbrass
1 Arbaaal the Undefeated
1 Dechala the Denied one
1 Prince Sigvald
2 Scyla (2 first ones)
1 Wulfrik
1 Throgg
1 the changeling
2 Kaleb Daark (1 converted from games day champ, 1 original)
1 Khazrak
1 Gorthor
1 Ghorros Warhoof

normal characters:
1 Bloodthirster
1 Lord of change
3 daemon princes
1 mounted bsb (tzeentch)
2 bsb on foot (khorne)
1 undivided champion on daemonic mount
3 mounted champions of khorne
1 mounted champion of slaanesh
1 mounted sorcerer of Nurgle
1 champion of Nurgle on beast of Nurgle
2 mounted undivided sorcerers
1 Chaos lord on griffon (really old)
3 discmounted champions (sorcerers?)
at least 6 champions of khorne on foot
2 champions of slaanesh on foot
2 champions of Nurgle on foot
11 sorcerers on foot (some with specific marks)
A whole bunch of unmarked champions on foot, among them some games day models, the avatar of war marauder champions, some gamezone models, reaper models etc etc
2 beastlords on foot
1 beast bsb on foot
2 beastshamans on foot

about half of the above is painted

Tbh I dunno how much more is in the basement, Iīve had a bit of hoarding syndrome when it comes to miniatures & especially chaos in warhammer, just recently I sold of a complete 2K chaos army (unpainted) as well as gave away an Ogre starter box just to get rid of some models.
I know I have at least 1 vortex beast down there as well as a whole moving box of unopened chaos models. My girlfriend doesnīt really appreciate all the space i takes...
You have impressive collections. At this point I have this (fully painted):

Lord of Khorne on Daemonic Mount
Crom the Conqueror
Hero of Chaos Undivided on Foot
Hero of Khorne on Foot
Chaos Sorcerer on Warhorse
Chaos Sorcerer on Foot with Familiar
Battle Standard Bearer on Warhorse
Battle Standard Bearer on Foot
5 Chaos Knights
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen
16 Chaos Warriors with 2 Hand Weapons
17 Chaos Warriors with Shields
25 Chaos Marauders with Flails
25 Chaos Marauders with Shields
10 Chaos Warhounds
10 Chaos Furies
Chaos Spawn

as well as still boxed or in blisters:

Sigvald the Magnificent
Wulfrik the Wanderer
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount
Chaos Sorcerer on Foot
5 Chaos Marauder Horsemen
5 Chaos Knights
10 Chosen of Chaos

and it's the biggest army I ever had for WFB.
Vampire counts by a mile, currently they take up three shelves in my detolf displays. Just in Zombies and Skeletons, I think they're close to beating the other two armies at 210 models, never mind the rest of it lol
I'm currently working on VC- I like the mix of editions you have there.

My biggest army would either be Orcs and Goblins or Wood Elves by points- by numbers definitely the greenskins-

~140 Orc Boyz
~40 Savage Orc Boyz
~50 Orc Arrer Boyz
~25 Common Goblins
~120 Night Goblin Spearmen
~75 Night Goblin Archers
~25 Goblin Wolf Riders
~40 Goblin Spider Riders
20 Black Orcs
2 Goblin Wolf Chariots
2 Orc Boar Chariots
8 Squig Hoppers
1 Doom Diver
1 Rock Lobba
4 Bolt Throwers
1 Mangler Squig
2 Pump Wagons
3 River Trolls
1 Stone Troll
8 Common Trolls
1 Arachnarok Spider
~20 Orc Boar Boyz
~5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz
+ Plenty of characters, on all kinds of mounts

I intend to add a regular squig herd soon, before they're deleted or put on round bases.
jonathan e
Thread necromancy, but that's what you get for letting the undead players loose. I also wanted an excuse to count them...

3 x special characters (Vlad, Isabella and Mannfred on his horse)
4 x Vampires on foot (one's a girl, one's in armour, the others are generic Carsteins)
2 kitbashed Wraiths
1 Wight Lord waving a big flag around
1 Zombie Dragon (nothing on the back because I don't like any of the mounted Carstein models)

28 Skeleton Swordsmen
28 Skeleton Spearmen
20 Skeleton Crossbowmen
40 Zombies with command
10 Ghouls (by Heresy, tackle out)
12 Dire Wolves (one Doom, one docked)
2 Bat Swarms
10 Huntsmen for when I play the wacky Von Carstein theme force
About 20 gravestones on bases to fill out units

6 Spirit Hosts
20 Grave Guard with greatswords
20 Black Knights with lances

2 Black Coaches
2 - 3 Banshees (one of them moonlights as a Wraith most of the time)

There's another 8 Black Knights who are so badly painted I refuse to put them in the display case and yet another 8 who are built as White Wolves and might get painted up as Vampire Thralls one day, or sold. I want more Dire Wolves (I used to have about thirty, happy days) and should probably invest in some Fell Bats (if I can find models I don't hate).
I don't believe in thread necromancy. If you have relavent information on something that is an ongoing topic of discussion, then post away.
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jonathan e
Imagine that I'm doing enormous kitten eyes right now. When I was a kid it was always better to post in an extant thread than to start a new one and we seem to have lost that article of faith along the way. Now I feel like I'm coming home...
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I can see how thred necromancy can be a problem at places like warseer or Dakka Dakka, where you have a discussion on the same topic that can bleed from one edition to the next. That is the reason why I made the forum the way that you see it. I did not want to have a discussion on magic bleed from the 5th edition to the 6th edition where that phase is completely different. However, topics like this one where we are talking about our largest army was a universal topic that I saw all the time over the years. I thought that it was bizarre to have three or four threads on topic like this.
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