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Best Hippogryph?
I'm thinking of getting a Duke on Hippogryph for my fledgling Brettonian army.

In your opinion, which one is the best? For purely self-challenging reasons, I'm looking for old GW miniatures, although I wouldn't mind seeing options from other manufacturers.

From what I can tell (and please correct me if I'm wrong) from GW there are the following:

1) Citadel Hippogryph. I think it's from the 80s, and it's a bit small but I think the mini has a lot of "spunk" to it
2) Brettonian Hippogryph. I think it's from the 90s. The texture is a bit similar to the old Karl Franz griffon.
3) King on Hippogryph. This is the most recent one. I think this is the best sculpt, but I'm not entirely "feeling" it, so to speak
4) Common conversion of Isle of Blood Griffon -> Hippogryph. Seen this done online from time to time, definitely worth a look.

Which do you think is best? Best can be completely subjective, so use whatever measure of best you deem fit!
I pick number 3, I think it was a great model.
I think I'm leaning towards #3 now. Definitely a great model!
I like all of them, but the most recent one with the full plate helm is really nice looking.
I have had the 90's version for years and decided to pick up the newest one fearing that GW will wipe out the whole line.
The newer one is a lot more detailed and an awesome pose, but it's size compared to all the monsters from all the other armies, doesn't look too fearsome
My Hellblaster's catastrophic explosion is always counted as a successful kill.
Foggynight, how does the size compare between the 90s one and the newer one? Is the newer one smaller? Because it looks smaller in photos, but photos can be very deceiving.
I'll get a photo of them side by side, I'll add a few other well known models to the pic
My Hellblaster's catastrophic explosion is always counted as a successful kill.
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