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Dare to compare...
Just Tony
So I was touching base with the owner of my FLGS about having a Classichammer night now that I have a more stable schedule, and one of the employees asked me why I chose 3rd Ed. instead of 5th. Rules aside, since there was a TON of stuff about the 5th Ed. rules I hated, I simply compared the 3rd Ed. and 5th Ed. Space Marine Codices to show him why we're leaning for 3rd. There are two special rules for the Marine army in 3rd. Two. Drop Pod deployment, and "...they shall know no fear." are all the army wide rules there were. The only units with special rules were Scouts (infiltrate), Assault Marines (Deep Strike), Terminators (Deep Strike), and Librarians (Psychic powers). Past that, any other rules adjustments were through wargear. Look at your 5th Ed. codex and lose count of how many units have special rules.
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Honestly it is something that I was going to ask in general as to how are the editions prior to the 5th.
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Just Tony
The changes from 3rd to 4th were not that great, if memory serves. Meaning that it was mostly the same system. I know that close combat became more complicated, and I MAY be wrong, but that may have been where they started the whole 1 vehicle damage chart thing. Also, the firing ports and access points became official. The codices were the big crunch where you felt the difference in editions. Also, 4th is where the concept of area terrain really hit. Pretty much most terrain was 5+ save and difficult terrain as long as you were on the base of the terrain. True Line Of SightTM was 5th's baby.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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