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My dream list might be done...
Just Tony
So ever since I wound up getting a Talisman/Warhammer Quest Minotaur in a box with some plastic swarm pieces during GW's "toybox" promotion (That was the time when they had some boxes of older 5th Edition plastics boxed up for sale, also some Talisman/Warhammer Quest stuff, as well as a few of the 2nd Edition 40K monopose plastics. There was also a darling box that had two High Elf spearmen, two High Elf Archers, and four Wood Elf archers. I'd love to snag a bunch of those...) and finding that little footnote in the Beasts of Chaos book that allowed you to run Minotaurs as Core if your army is led by a Doombull, I have been dreaming of whipping up an army of nothing but Minotaurs. I figured I'd be going Tzeentch, since I'd be bypassing the Brayshaman altogether, and having extra power dice would go a long way to getting some spells off, since I'd have NO shooting whatsoever. Tonight at work I am assigned to a mind-numbing job that has more down time than I like, so I had time to bang out list after list after list.

Now the following still "feels off", like it could be improved, but it's closer than what I've done before.

331 -LORD- Doombull with Mark of Tzeentch and the Axes of Khorgor
340 -CORE- 8 Minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch
340 -CORE- 8 Minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch
340 -CORE- 8 Minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch
340 -CORE- 8 Minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch
300 -CORE- 7 Minotaurs with the mark of Tzeentch

1991 total points

So the regiments would be 4x2, with the Doombull in the 7 man (min? lol) regiment. That'd give me a spread of 5 regiments, and a massive battle line. I'd assume at least one of them will make it to combat with the rear rank intact, so a rank bonus added on. I'm also running a version of this through the numbers where they are 4x3, but I think I won't be able to do that unless we go 2250, and then I'll have to add in stuff I don't want to add in to make the difference.

The fun part will be tracking down models. I don't really care for the new Minotaurs, so I decided to stick with the Talisman models. Currently I have 27 of them, so I would need at least 9 more in the fullness of time.

So opinions?
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
That's awesome! I bet it would be a really fun list to face!

Would you be planning on making any Tzeentch conversions? I have always been fascinated by Tzaangors, and would love to see some minotaurs done in the Tzeentch style!
I personally like the idea, but canīt see the list being all that effective, split up one regiment to 1-2 units of 3 to get some flankers & then add something else to the list that can work as chaff, you could easily theme this, such as Centigors (ancient greek theme) or cows counting as chaos hounds or whatever.
In the end the most important thing is ofc to have fun, but having said that, you wonīt have too much fun if you lose 2/3 or more or of your games.
Just Tony
No conversions, simply tiger striped fur with flames of Tzeentch on the loin cloths. The other units in the army, including the BSB, have the flames echoed as well as an Eye of Tzeentch banner.

I thought about flankers, but I want as much bulk to the units as possible. I may reevaluate after a few games. The main issue is going to be getting the severe number of Talisman Minos that I need. Then chasing down the monkeyback Warriors of Chaos command pieces as well as a specific axe arm. Multiples of those, of course.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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