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Welcome to Classic Hammer
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Guidlines for Gaming in Classic Hammer
I have read this article from Zhu about the oldhammer contract several times and ever time there are major elements that I tend to agree with more and more. I have it linked right here:


There are some things that I tend to disagree with, but the general theme is a good one in that the main point is to have fun while you play the game. With that in mind I am going to try to come up with my own form of a philosophy when it comes to the game. Allow me to start:

1: Remember that a game of warhammer is supposed to be fun

This is a hobby where you spend usually three hours up to a long weekend with a friend playing a game that you both enjoy. Don't forget that in your disputes. If it gets heated, try to walk it back and come back to the game later. There are some rules that are nebulas, and finding a solution sometimes is not reasonable at the time. It is customary to roll a dice based on a ruling, usually 1-3 for person A and 4-6 for person B, and then figure out a reasonable solution. It is always good to ask here on these forums about the issue as most likely someone has a good interpretation of that rule that might solve the issue. Both sides need to have fun while playing this game, while still having a winner. We should all be adults or close to it, lets try to act like one.

2: Just because you can doesn't mean that you should

The time from 1993 to 2006 for GW did have a cohesive effort in trying to create a form of balance, and most of the time they succeeded in making a relatively balanced set of factions. They are not perfect and with a set of rules 20 years old there has been plenty of people to expose the loopholes that exist in the rules and army books. There does exist abusive army lists out there and almost every faction either had ones specifically written or ones that can be created from their general lists. While it is of my opinion that even abusive lists are beatable in these editions, and even beatable with non abusive lists, this is one of those times where a little discussion is a good thing with your opponent prior to playing if you have a list that you think is overpowering. Some people have different levels of experience with their armies and I would keep that in mind when discussing an upcoming game. Some of the truly abusive army lists out there is something that I want to address on this site. I don't like the concept of banning an army list but I have one or two in mind that deserve it. Self regulation is a mantra that I propose on this site, and constantly knocking down your opponent with the same list seems to me boring for both sides. It is hard enough to find someone to play a game of Warhammer using rules from 20 years ago, being a jerk by taking an abusive list helps no one.

3: Say no to Tournaments

Zhu said it better than I could:

"Oldhammer is not a sport. It's a game. And unlike Scrabble or Chess is far too reliant on random factors for player skill to really count in the win/lose/draw stakes."

4: House rules

We have already started a conversation on house rules and there are some good ones out there that should be adopted by the community. We have a Rules development forum just for this event. I tend to think that using good rules from different editions can work well, and also can work badly given the implementation. As they are from a different edition one would think that they can translate easily to the edition played. Likewise we do have a whole set of historical rules that were created during this time that I think can translate well given the right amount of thought. On this I would advise to go for a less is more route.
Edited by TinyLegions on 13-09-2015 15:10
Just Tony
I have to say I disagree with #3. I've had tons of fun in tourneys, and if you go into it with a certain attitude you don't wind up as one of those M:TG tourney guys. You all know what I'm talking about.

Comp also goes a long way to making tourneys less eggregious.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Each to their own on this one I suppose. I played a few tournaments in the 7th and ran a few of them myself. Somehow, I doubt that the 6th edition will ever see the light of a tournament ever again. Of course, I could be wrong. Personally, I would throw down for a campaign any day over a tournament.
Edited by TinyLegions on 14-09-2015 21:38
Just Tony
They both have their place. Campaigns are really an investment over and beyond a Saturday, and it shows. Lose your paperwork and start from scratch.

As far as tourneys go, I like how we used to use comp for pairings. We'd take the two worst comp score guys and put them against eachother in round 1 of the tourney. It'd work even better in single elimination, which is my favorite type of tourney.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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