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We need to advertise a little bit better...
Just Tony
So I was bored (as I tend to be on 3rd shift at work) and decided to pop into Warseer as a guest to read what I've been missing since my... exit. It seems like a lot of the people that would be happy here are either banned there or suspended, which I assume is a temp ban. I made a profile at belloflostsouls out of boredom, and their WFB forum is now solely AOS. I think those of us able to do so need to push this site and the Classichammer movement a bit harder. Starting with me, I'm going to see if the LGS down the street from me would be willing to have a Classichammer night specifically. Not sure if they'd want me to simply shove it into the existing GW night, but it's worth a start. Gonna put up a flyer and everything. Thoughts?
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I totally agree here. I did not get a marketing degree in college, but I do what I can. When I can mention it, I do try to mention it if it is anywhere close to being on topic. Please feel free to advertise this site further.
Good idea, I myself play with a very limited group of friends, so AoS doesn´t really do much except it has fucked up all the forums I used to visit, even forums which claim they will stick to 8:th has lost so much traffic you see the same 2-3 topics being the only active topis the last week, & even those have like 2-3 replies....
yea i agree i wonder how we can go about getting more people? there is definitely people who are interested in this. The forum thing you were talking about is really scary its like even the diehard community is too depressed to keep any momentum going.

Matthew Masiello
"Prepare to embrace your creators in the stygian haunts of hell, barbarian", gasped the first soldier.

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Dusting off my marketing knowledge, I would say that gorilla advertising on the different forums (basically what we are doing right now) is gaining new members at a reasonable good rate right now. We currently have 28 member ID's out there since the creation of this website last month, which I think is great. Advertising is something that we need to do. I have two things that I think that we need to do for this in order to maximize our gains so far.

1: Creating Good Content

No matter how well we advertise, If all that we do is that AOS is terrible and 6th is great, then we are failing on creating good content that will keep people coming back. I want to have discussions on this board about the classic periods of Warhammer, and I want to advocate the period that we like. For now robust discussion and debate is good to have here as we are only a month old. The debate on the rules are in my opinion good threads to have. There are a few other topics that I want to broach on as well over the next few months. As much as we need good discussions, talk has a diminishing return after a while, or to use the cliché "talk is cheap." People will eventually leave the board if it gets too boring for them. On average oldhammer does a good job of this on their blood forum, so I am going to take a hard look at what they do and try to see if I can implement what they have done on both the website front.

What I think that we need next is quality content in the form battle reports more than anything else. Showing people that there are actually gamers doing games in older editions will keep people there. I see the Classichammer night that JustTony is trying to do as a way to kill two birds with one stone, expose classichammer to his community of gamers, and a new battle report if he takes pictures. We have two great battle reports out there now. Keep them coming, and if you are playing in your local shop please advertise the website.

There are some things that I can do on this site as well. I am going to try to put a few more applications out there for us as well. I have been meaning to put up a gallery for all to use, to no avail just yet. Time has been my largest problem as this part of the year is my busy time of the year, but they are on the to do list, I promise.

2: Target our marketing

While I do have a thread on Warseer about this website, as well as mention this site when I can, I think that we need to maximize our current advertising by going to other forums than Warseer and BOLS. I hope that BOLS has a lot of disaffected gamers out there, but the few times that I viewed what they had out there I did not see it. I have a thread on TMP, as I know that this forum has a lot of people who are interesting in playing older edition games given the tone of discussion on Warhammer 8th and AOS as the following thread is the norm:


My opinion is that advertising at more sympathetic websites might allow for better results.
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I just had an idea maybe we could advertise through some of the e-zines that are out there, like doom seeker etc. Im not sure if there is money involved that would probably be an important factor.

Matthew Masiello
"Prepare to embrace your creators in the stygian haunts of hell, barbarian", gasped the first soldier.

"Only after you have kissed the fleeting stead of death, wretch!" returned Grignr.
It would surprise me if they don't require payment for advertising. Feel free to ask and see what they have to say.
Your Benevolent dictator

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Just Tony
We're past 30 members now, we must be doing something right.

Well, except for the two multinational ad spammers.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Those two are off of the rolls for the 30 the last time that I checked, so if there are any other spammers, they have not shown themselves. On a more positive note, I think that we are doing a good job as far as membership goes.
Your Benevolent dictator

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