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Dark Elves vs Beasts of Chaos (6th Edition)
Ok I have not done this in a while and we are clearing the table off to set up the game. I am playing a 1500 Dark Elves army, my army consists of

level 2, Crystal of midnight (One use, bound spell lvl 4, Pick a wizard on the battlefield he must pass a leadership on 3d6 or lose a random spell for the rest of the game) Soulstone (First miscast is ignored)

level 2, Dark steed, Darkstar Cloak (+1 power dice for the caster), Tome of Furion (+1 Spell), Darksword (Any model that takes one or more unsaved wounds suffers from Stupidity for the rest of the game)

Chill blade (Any model wounded (After saves, ext) cant attack for that combat round), Manbane (Counts Str as one higher than targets Toughness up to max Str 6, no effect if Str is already higher)

20 Dark Elf Warriors
Shields, Full Command

20 Corsairs
Full Command, Banner of Murder (+D6 charge range)

12 Dark riders
Crossbows, Full Command

2 Reaper bolt throwers

10 Executioners
Full Command, Standard of Slaughter (+D3 combat resolution first time it charges)

Foggynight will probably make another thread named Beasts of Chaos vs Dark Elves (6th Edition)
Edited by DoomGate on 06-05-2016 09:39
Just Tony
Your link is broken
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Ya i am trying to fix that

There we go. So my force is at the bottom. The biggest problems are the Horror unit toward the top right, and Beast Herd at the top left. I will show the spells for my sorcerers and his casters later today. Oh and my assassin is in the Warriors unit by the Horse unit to try to take out his General in the Beastigor unit directly in front of them.
Edited by DoomGate on 06-05-2016 12:05
Cool setup! I think you have your Dark Elves aligned in a good manner. Just need the dice gods to smile upon you and you should have a good go at it!
The Dice Gods gave me the middle finger and said "You win this yourself".

So he is inching his way forward and i am preparing for him. His magic phase hurt a lot. On his magic phase he killed 5 of my Warriors and they failed their panic tests and almost ran off the board, but they rallied on my turn, and he killed 2 of my Executioners. My magic phase sucked my foot sorceress rolled a miscast, and my sorceress on a horse failed/he stopped all of the spells. I took out a few horrors with the bolt throwers.
did you win
Yet again let down by the Dice Gods.

Now with his magic he took out 5 Corsairs, gave a 5+ ward save to the bestigor unit, and his general has +3A +2S and +1T. And a hole Beast Herd unit is behind my Corsairs and Executioners.
Why do you hate me dice gods?

Sorry this one is sideways. I give up. He charged the horses with his Bestigors and they I ran them to try to get the charged on the Bestigors, but instead he made the charge on my warriors and won combat res by 5 and they ran off the board. The Beast Herd charged the Executioners and made them run and ran into my mage on foot. So the next game that we are playing will be Lizardmen vs Wood Elves. I like playing Lizardmen a lot so this should be fun.
When my Warp Lightning Cannon rolls a misfire and shoots through my hole army I consider that a successful hit. I mean who needed those clan rats anyways.
Oh I forgot the spells, here they are.
When my Warp Lightning Cannon rolls a misfire and shoots through my hole army I consider that a successful hit. I mean who needed those clan rats anyways.
Wow! Not how I expected the game to go at all. Very good write-up, I enjoyed reading! Better luck next game Smile
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