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I just found something amazing!
I don't know if this list is complete, but it's what sources I know of:

Warhammer Chronicles 2003
- A list of new magic items for some races, as a result of the Shadows over Albion Campaign
- Final rules for Truth Sayers, Dark Emissaries and Fen Beasts
- A revised Dark Elves army list (City Garrison)
- Ruglud's Armoured Orcs (Orc Crossbowmen with Heavy Armour)
- New Goblin variants (more for fun than serious rules)
- A Wood Elf armylist (one I was quite fond of) (post Ravening Hordes, but pre-proper 6th ed book)
- War of the Beard High Elves and Dwarfs (both army lists taken up a notch, intended to fight each other)
- Dogs of War special characters (from the 5th ed book, updated)
- Alarielle and the Handmaidens of the Everqueen (High Elves)
- Rakarth the Beastlord (Dark Elves)
- Queek Head-Taker (Skaven)
- Many scenarios, including some scenario specific characters (eg. Tancred of Quenelles, Heinrich Kemmler, Krell, Throt the Unclean and Bagrian- I don't know if these showed up in their respective army books)

Warhammer Chronicles 2004
- The Cult of Ulric alternate Empire list
- Kislevites
- Monster-only Lizardmen list (more fun than serious, but adds a few cool new beasts)
- Mounted Daemonettes (the regular cavalry version)
- Bone Giant (Khemri)- this may just be alternate rules?
- The Empire Steam Tank (and my favourite ever rules for it)
- Dogs of War army list
- Regiments of Renown (essentially named Dogs of War with extra special rules)
- Empire Special Characters: Boris Todbringer, Valten
- High Elf Special Characters: Eltharion (on Griffon and blind versions)
- Dark Elf Special Characters: Shadowblade
- Chaos Special Characters: Crom the Conqueror
- Goblin Special Characters: Grom the Paunch
- Kislev Special Characters: The Ice Queen and Tzar Boris
- Chaos mutations (trial rules to customise characters)
- Revised Lores of Magic (Beasts, Heavens, Life)

Storm of Chaos book
- Vardek Crom
- Hellcannon
- Flayerkin
- The Archaon's Horde list
- Be'Lakor
- The Daemonic Legions list, which added: Heralds, Mounted Daemonettes, Daemon monstrous cavalry and chariots (for every god). Note that Fiends of Slaanesh never received rules in 6th ed- but Pleasureseekers, the Slaanesh Monstrous Cavalry, have almost identical rules to 7th ed Fiends.
- Valten
- Karl Franz
- Boris Todbringer
- Ar-Ulric
- Middenland army list (adding: various characters, Teutogen Guard, Warriors of Ulric, Hunting Hounds, Wolf-kin)
- Borgut Facebeater
- Grimgor'z Ardboyz list (adding: Idol of Gork, Ruglud's Armoured Orcs)
- Ungrim Ironfist
- Garagrim Ironfist
- The Slayer list (adding: Slayer Doomseekers, the Goblin Hewer, Brotherhood of Grimnir, Long Drong's Slayer Pirates)
- The Cult of Slaanesh (Dark Elf/ Chaos list, new units added)
- Army of Sylvania (an interesting Vampire Counts list, new units added)
- Errantry War list (Bretonnian)
- Clan Eshin list (Skaven, new units added)
- High Elf Sea Patrol (new units added)

Lustria book
- Tehenhuain, Prophet of Sotek
- The Red Host (Lizardmen with: Lesser Swarms, Red Crested Skinks, Engine of the Gods)
- Nurglitch, Arch Plaguelord
- Bubonic Court (Skaven, with: extra characters, Rotten Rodents, Pusbags, Frothing Giant Rats, Mad Rat Ogres, Rat Spawn)

The Warhammer Skirmish booklet is good, but doesn't really add new units (except Livestock, Cultists and a Giant Scorpion)
There's also the General's Compendium, which adds lots of rules for things like campaigns and naval/riverine warfare.
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Just Tony
There was also Warhammer Annual 2002 that had a bit of gaming material. Not much, but mostly legacy characters and some of the Ravening Hordes style lists for DOW and ROR.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Just Tony
For your printing pleasure, since it's not being hosted here...


Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
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