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WHFRP musing
Wayyy back in the 80's when GW were taking over the gaming industry they made WH Fantasy Roleplay. The game was made with love, the creativity thought and concepts inspired me to become aware of the Old World turning this fiction into a living vibrant place. I kept my tomes of the first edition and the Enemy Within campaign for ages hidden away in attics or wardrobes with each change of residence. I sold them in 2001 as I was buying a house. Only about 3 months ago I threw away the last pieces I had hand made for the Enemy within Campaign thinking I would never need them. Recently though I have had an urge to set up a roleplaying game to show the kids in laws and neighbours; this is how we played in the 80's before computers and mobiles. This was true roleplaying. Its social but will it be fun in today's times. I was going to ban mobiles and other peoples kids. My youngest I will try to palm off playing a cat, she might like that and thereby her presence would not be required throughout gaming. I did do a little bit of D&D roleplay with the wife and stepsons. She loved it but it was hard to keep motivated after the first two weeks. I had bought the red D&D box set at a boot fair and just played about with that.
So now I have the urge to GM/DM again and try to get a gaming team together. I was thinking out of all the systems, WHFRP was the most realistic? and played better. Violence was not such a big part in WHFRP as you easily died.
Now there is WHFRP 2e which I have never played. I have found a pdf of the rules but pdf files are not good like flicking through a book. The 2e does not seem to appear much on ebay and commands a high price subsequently. The 1e is a bit odd with the hardback making high bids 45-50, the soft back is around 10-15.
But this is only with recently watching them. I dont know if to just pick up the good old 1e or try out 2e. The players who will be gaming have no real experience of true roleplay. I always thought that was one handicap of WHFRP.

There is no WHFRP section of this forum and Quest was the closest.
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I thought that WHFRP was Quest, wasn't it?
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Oh, no no no no no, WHFRP is most assuredly its own thing. Warhammer Quest/Talisman/maybe Heroquest is simply a board game style dungeon crawler with plasting Warhammer minis. The nice part is the fodder troops in those sets are also the single pose plastics from 4th/5th, and give some magnificent character figs.
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