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Mutable Genus
Just Tony
So I got to thinking about the moment in WFB that I realized the game was taking a turn that wasn't to my liking, which is a subject for that board and will address it there, and I got to thinking about that moment in 3rd that made me question the direction of the Codices from that point on:

Mutable Genus.

Now, when I started into 3rd, I was drawn in mainly by the amount of checks and balances they had put in place. No longer were you able to pull your army from elite units simply because Squads was the only check box, now you had a core of your army built off of what it SHOULD have been built off of in the first place, the regular rank and file. Then the 3rd Ed. Tyranid Codex hits. Now, all those nice little check boxes were thrown out the window and you could build your core Troops to be damn near identical to your restricted Elites/Fast Attack units. And it wasn't long after that the Imperial Guard got the same treatment with their Codex followed quickly by the infamous Chaos 3.5 Dex and the Space Marines Codex with the Chapter Trait system.

Personally, I like the concept of knowing EXACTLY what the unit across the table is. "Oh, that's a unit of Genestealers? It does X, Y, but not Z. I can decide firing plans." is about how my games should have gone. After that point you had to basically try to second guess whether a unit you were facing was a leaping unit, changes in armor/attack/strength profile without any outward indication unless you memorized what every single lump on the plastic sprue was supposed to represent.

I sincerely doubt I was the only one who found this troubling, and the Codices eventually moved away from that dynamic. Was I the only one who questioned that move? What are your thoughts?
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I actually thought is was pretty cool from the first time I came across them, so I didn't personally found them troubling.

Tyranids were quite the list to face. You never knew if you were going up against 5 monstrous creatures with 2+ armor saves, or against the horde of hormagaunts that just won't die, or against some Warriors and Hive Guard that require some attention. I think the 3rd edition Tyranid codex is much more fun and varied, especially for the close combat minded.
Just Tony
But is that necessarily a good thing? I mean, the codex fits the current Unbound mantra of 40K, but in the more structured world of 3rd, it seemed out of place.

And yes, I realize that Chaos 3.5 was worse, but this was the gateway drug that made 3.5 possible.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I loved the 3rd ed 'Nid book. That was probably my favourite time in 40k, and my favourite book for them- it really captured their 'evolution' feel (not that it's anything like evolution, but that's a rant for other places...)

I disagree that it made them too like the current 'unbound' system, though agree it had problems.

For one thing, if you went with the mutable genus rules you could only have 12 different units in the army (remember that even a weapon swap makes a new unit type)- that didn't go far.
Adding wings or too many heavy weapons shifted things around on the FoC, so you couldn't abuse that too easily.
I disagree that you could turn the basic bugs into your elite bugs (with the exception of making things like a gargoyle equivalent- but then it counts as Fast Atack anyway!). You couldn't give anything the infiltrator ability (only a 6" scout move), or give the small bugs rending claws, or anything like that.

To me, the main problem with the mutable genus was simply Hive Nodes. They were a no-brainer. 10pts to make one gaunt (and therefore the squad) Ld10, negating most of the need for Synapse. I loved it at the time, but the fact everyone took them shows the problem.
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