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A quick about Dwarfs
So, the army I have played since the early days of 7th has been dwarfs. I started playing in 6th with High Elves, but ended up switching because I liked the idea of how runes worked to create custom magic gear, and have loved playing them ever since. I am wanting to start playing 6th edition again with some local friends, but I am not sure which book released during 6th edition is the one I "should" use. So which one do most people use in their 6th edition games, the original dwarf book or the revised one?
Just Tony
First off, welcome to the forum! Hope you post often. Now, about your question...

The revised one IS the official version as of the end of 6th, but it would all depend on how your gaming club thinks of it. My brother and I both agree that it "feels" on a different level than the 6th Ed. 1.0 book. We run the older book, but we're also considering seeing if there's anything salvageable from the 2.0 book to house rule in.

In short, have you asked any of the people you might be playing against? Maybe run the same game with lists culled from both books, and see how both play, and if you feel one is better/worse or fairer/less fair than the other.
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Thanks for the response! Actually, I am the only one out of us that has had any experience with table top war games. I have been wanting to play again for some time and finally got around to introducing it to some friends who were interested. Since they have never played before and GW kinda killed off the Old World, I decided we would just play 6th edition since it was my favorite (though I think I will also describe and possibly play some 8th edition to see which we as a group prefer). I think the main thing that I really wanted to keep was having a lord be able to take shield bearers, and mostly because I was able to cobble together a custom model for a dwarf on shield bearers and a lot of time and work. But I do think it is worth it to try both books and see which one feels better, both by me and the group.
Just Tony
Just run your shieldbearer character as that named character on shield. No problem. OR you could ask permission, which is encouraged in the BRB.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Also, what parts about the revised dwarf book do you not like, or feel on the wrong power level?
Welcome to the forum. I would say that you have come to the right place, as dwarves are my first army from over 20 years ago. Tony is right in that there are two different books one that you are familiar with from the 7th and the older army book. There are some differences and with the exception of a new rune or two, I really did not make any changes to my army from one edition to the next. I may have done a few changes if I really wanted to, but I did not see much of an enhancement from the new changes.

Honestly I think that it tends to be a personal preference. With the group that you are playing with, they most likely wont have any hang-ups with 7th edition books so I would pick what you are familiar with.

My personal preference is the older book but with a rune or two that is actually good. Everything else that is a change in the newer book is something that I really think is not worth the change.
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Just Tony
The first thing I don't like about the second Dwarf book is turning a spell caster into artillery, essentially. Every other spell caster has the ability to be dispelled, and the Anvil in the 6.5 book does not. To me that's grossly overpowered. Imagine if I could use Lore of Life with my High Elves in the movement phase without any ability for you to dispel it. That should drive it home.

The other things I'll have to do a line by line to sum it up, but there's enough that I just flat out don't like the book.
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Like I said, there was a few runes that were a good idea and something that I would shoehorn in. Likewise I there are a few runes from the 4ed book that I would shoehorn in as well. One thing that I was not fond of is that the original book had 0-1 rules for regiments, which I have expressed my distaste for them.(at least without something to break that rule.)
Your Benevolent dictator

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Just Tony
Yeah, there were a couple of 0-1 units that became either 0-2 or unlimited. Also Longbeards becoming unit upgrades, and how simply fielding a Dwarf Lord, which is something you would run anyway typically, unlocked more Longbeards. There were a few others, but I'd like to have both books out to compare, and with my wifey in full Xmas mode, I am not quite daft enough to drag out Warhammer stuffs.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Yeah, I was aware that the anvil was ridiculous. I only ever took it once against someone playing 7th edition Demons. I was usually more interested in running the combat lord, since I felt like he was less likely to make people rage at the army. I have also been taking a closer and more analytical look at the 6th edition and revised 6th edition dwarfs and I can see the power hike in the second book.
Just Tony
So yeah, time to break it down line by line...

Handguns. The Dwarf handgun went from Move and Fire, +1 to hit at close range to Move OR Fire, and +1 to hit at all times. With no change to cost, btw.

Royal Blood. This rule basically nerfs the one restriction to Longbeards, and makes Hammerers FAR more useful. More on both later. At least the Lord is 10 points more.

The Anvil of Doom. I like it much better when it was spells as it was basically Mistress of the Marsh, Master of Stone, Forked Lightning, and Fiery Blast. In the second book it became buffs done in shooting with activation rolls rather than casting, and the only plus is that it has a rather vicious miscast table if you decide to go full bore with your runes. AND it dropped 25 points.

Longbeards. So Longbeards before were straightforward: more skilled Dwarf Warriors that are Immune to Panic. The newer book added from that, taking them out of Special and making them upgrades to Core Warriors, AND added a 6" range Panic reroll ability for any Dwarf unit as long as the Longbeards aren't fleeing. For the exact same points cost. Wow. At least you can't have more Longbeards than Warriors... unless you run a Lord in which case you can.

Miners. Now, moving Miners from Core to Special wasn't such a massive deal, as they were 0-1 in the first place. Except they also lifted the 0-1 AND gave them new wargear that allowed them to reroll their Underground Advance roll. And they got a point cheaper, but at least the reroll device which also counts as a +3 S Great Weapon costs 25, so it evens out, I guess.

Slayers. Did they really need to give Slayers both types of axes? Whatever happened to hard choices? And no longer 0-1, but at least moved to Rare. At no change in points.

Hammerers. So the 0-1 is dropped. Now ALL Hammerers are Stubborn instead of the general activating that ability, and the Royal Blood rule gives them Immunity to Fear and Terror. Oh, and they are 2 points cheaper as well.

THOSE are the biggest gripes I have with the newer book, and it's proof positive of why you shouldn't let someone write an army book when it's their favorite army.
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Just Tony
What? What are you even talking about? There are no books to buy here, this is a fan site. It's possible you are either in the wrong place, or you mean GW's site, in which case you aren't going to see 6th Ed. Fantasy books on there at all.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Westbutr wrote:

I am now hijacking this thread for discussion about books and reordering notes.

I see the change order button in my envelopes, but it seems its not actually possible to do that yet?

While we do have a market place to buy and sell items, this website is not involved in e-commerce. This website does not sell anything.
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Just Tony
Bumping this thread for Brr-icy, as he had relevant questions about this on another forum, and maybe that other forum poster who had some dispute with me might read them as well.
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