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Ideas on preferences
Galadrin wrote:

Excuse my ignorance, but what did it take to get +5 CR? I'm thinking 3 ranks and a standard, but that's still only +4...

I never liked the Cavalryhammer that "charger attacks first" always brought. Our house rules at the moment have all attacks in initiative order, but charging models doubles initiative on the turn of the charge. You can also only kill the models you can touch in melee, which balances monsters like the Emperor Dragon or Bloodthirster quite well. We also limit army composition so you cannot field any choice worth more than 33% of your army without your opponent's permission. It's working well so far!

3+ Rank Bonus
1+ Standard
1+ Outnumbered

5+ Total

Those sound like some interesting house rules. Which edition do you play with that on?
Just Tony
Emperor Dragon tells me 5th, more than likely.

You nailed it with the +1 for outnumbering. I know there were bonuses for flanking, but that's another discussion.

As far as those house rules go, I don't think it really does anything to crack the cav nut. I still reiterate that a cav charge from single attack cav doesn't need the massive nerf that the multiple attack models in 7th needed.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Agreed that a unit with one attack cav. does not need a nerf of double attacks from the defending unit, but I do find the general concept of doubling initiative an interesting one to try. I may not be sold on it, but willing to try it and see what happens one day.
Cool, I've found it works well so far. I also highly recommend the melee rule "you can only kill what you can touch." It's derived from WFB 3rd and 40k 2nd Edition (if I recall correctly) and it balances CR bonuses from melee casualties with CR bonuses from other sources very well.

Oh and yes, I've used these rules in 3e, 5e and I would use them in 6e as well.
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