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Classic Hammer » Warhammer 40K » 3rd Edition
Targeting preference
True Line of Sight True Line of Sight 14%[1 Vote]
Area Terrain Area Terrain 86%[6 Votes]
Total Votes : 7
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True Line of Sight vs. Area Terrain
Just Tony
I was following a discussion on dakka that got me thinking once again.

Do you prefer area terrain rules or true line of sight?

For those unclear, area terrain treats the terrain piece as a solid blob for shooting purposes, whereas true line of sight lets you shoot through the terrain as long as you can draw a line of sight through the terrain gaps. This leads to such treats as shooting an elbow or a whip antenna.

What are your thoughts?
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I generally prefer area terrain - true line of sight is just such a flawed system for a table top game. We're dealing with representations of objects on the table and I find things get petty when random horns and swords are aimed for.
Area terrain for sure. Removes so many oddities and arguments.
For a long time I was in favour of True Line of Sight, but in recent years my preference has shifted more and more back towards Area Terrain.

While TLOS can make for a more immersive visual spectacle at times, Area Terrain is much more practical for a tabletop wargame. Not only does it prevent arguments and remove the need to micromanage the positioning of models to the millimetre, it also allows much more freedom of placement for models. I think one of the best illustrations of this advantage is the old Cityfight rules, where you can just place models more or less anywhere in a building (within reason) and assume that the troops they represent have picked out the right places to be.

It also provides a much better representation of movement by models. That infantryman isn't going to stand around behind that open window forever, they'll be ducking and dashing around it to avoid being seen, and popping up only to let off a quick burst at some target that's presented itself to them.

Finally, it benefits me a lot as a Tau player - the more terrain that totally blocks LOS there is, the happier my jetpack units are. Grin
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I got a free Laser Pointer a few months back just so that the next time that I play 40K I had it for True Line of Sight. I am kind of on the fence on this one as I have no experience in 40K with Area Terrain.
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Just Tony
It's truly delicious, you treat the terrain feature (woods, ruins, what have you...) as a blob the perimeter of the base of the feature and as tall as its tallest points, then basically filling in the blank spaces to treat it as essentially a solid piece except for movement/targeting in and out and the like. But it eliminates shooting antennae through a gap in a forest, or an elbow in a window of a ruin.
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How does "Bombardment" work with area line of sight? I know that it was in practice back then.
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Just Tony
Like Indirect Fire and the like? Same as usual, since you don't have to have line of sight for indirect fire. Least I was under the impression you didn't. That's why everyone parked their Whirlwind behind a copse of trees.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Definitely area terrain.

As our group's usual terrain maker, TLOS was a serious pain in the backside. In order to do much, forests had to be so crammed with trees that movement in them was near impossible- so I had to do all sorts of tricks with removable trees, which was just a pain.

As a player in a group full of $#@! people, I was frequently exposed to 'modelling for advantage, and all of the similar joys encouraged by TLOS. For any unfamiliar with this 'tactic', you'd model important miniatures to be prone or crouching, so they'd be harder to see and therefore shoot, while your own shooting models had a 'scenic base', raising them a good inch or so to let them see and shoot over or through more terrain. TLOS also discouraged making models look nice- as Just Tony mentions, when your antenna is a pointless vulnerability, you remove it from the vehicle. I saw many vehicle conversions which were simply to cut down the size of everything but the weapons, and at least as many questionable 'counts as' models for the same purpose.
Just Tony
That's one of the things that really drove it home that we had a great thing going in 3rd. Everything was simple without being simplistic, and a few Codex fixes could have solved every problem the game had. That, and people playing missions other than Cleanse so there's more than 18" between armies.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
jonathan e
True Line of Sight is for computer games.

The tabletop is simply too volatile an area: too many places where a real soldier could be but a figure couldn't balance, too prone to a careless buttock-nudge sending the whole lot over. Area terrain is the only thing that works and on this hill I will... not die, but sustain several boo-boos, and possibly an ouchie. Sticking plasters may be required.
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