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Ordinance chart
Just Tony
Am I the only one that misses separate damage charts for vehicle damage? I liked the thought that shells that severely powerful could essentially atomize transported troops when the shell hit the vehicle. Having seen enough real world damage done to armor in combat, I can say that this was an entirely feasible result.

I've been in the process of trying to build a Space Marine force that is legal/runnable in every edition of 40K except 1-2nd, and the backbone was going to be 3 Vindicator tanks. Naturally, I found out that the damage output to vehicles is now different in every edition. I doubt I'm the only one who finds that odd.
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I didn't play in the 3rd so I wouldn't know.
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I liked the different damage charts, but they suited the small scale game better than the current scale game.

The current scale game is insanity though. Squeezing in super heavies and flyers to a system designed as a squad-based skirmish game is terrible. It could have been salvaged somewhat by re-introducing the special damage charts for super heavies, but instead the game does the exact opposite, seriously abstracting the damage.

I'm a bit rusty on my editions now, but I liked what I think was 4th edition as a balance between scale and complexity. I really liked that glancing hits had a damage table (though as I only ran Tyranids back then I never experienced the downside to it).
Super heavies should stay in Apoc. games. Taking them now is a problem with me as well.

I have no problem with flyers as long as you have reasonable Air Defense in your infantry (i.e. flack missles, etc.) My reasoning is that you have some close air support right now. Why would a game in science fantasy not have the same if not more air support?

As far as squad based skirmish game, I only started in the 5th edition so that is my frame of reference. It may have been a squad based skirmish game back in the 2nd, but I perceive that 40K is definitely now a company level based skirmish game. I get that from the IG where a company can be put together in a standard FOC in about 600 pts. or so.

Your mileage may vary but this is how I perceive things to be.
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Just Tony
Yeah, the problem with all the superheavies in 40K nowadays is that it lessens the appeal of Epic for one and that it'd be just as easy to represent an airstrike instead of having a flyer buzzing around while you're playing. I don't care if antigrav is indeed a thing in the game, most of the flyers are built around a jet platform. Pull up some videos sometime of jets doing attack runs, they don't turn on a dime and circle an area that's about 5 football fields side by side.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Don't forget that measurements are skewed for the sake of the game mechanics either for good and bad. With that in mind, I agree that the concept that all of these are jet propelled only is a bit absurd. I tend to think that a plausible alternative explanation may be that a vehicle like a Stormraven is partially jet propelled and antigrav at the same time.
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