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Warhammer Fantasy White Dwarf index
Covering Fire

I've started putting together a White Dwarf index using Zotero (free reference management software). My main reason for doing this is to help me navigate my vast White Dwarf collection and not having to flick through a number of issues to find that one article that I'm looking for. Also, I've not been able to find something similar on the Web, so I decided to create my own. There used to be an excellent site called with a great WD index, but it's now only available through the Wayback Machine.

I've used a system of tags to identify the main themes of each article, for example Toumas Prinen's Chaos Dwarf tactics article from WD 203 have been tagged with: Army list [he presents a sample army list], Chaos Dwarfs [the race/faction being discussed], Lore [Toumas provides some lore that his army is based around], Tactics [it's a tactics article], WHFB 5th edition [current edition]

I've nearly finished with the articles for Warhammer Fantasy 4th edition (1992-1996), and I've already done a few articles for 5th (1996-2000) and 6th (2000-2006). Once finished with 4th, I'll continue with 5th and 6th. Once that's done I'll look at 40K 2nd edition. At this time I'm mainly interested in the older articles ("older" here means between 1993 and 2005), but I may continue cataloguing the newer ones as well.

Since all articles are created in a reference manager they can be exported and formatted in a number of ways. So, if you ever wanted to write a paper about Warhammer with references to WD articles it's never been a better time! Wink

Check it out here:

Tip: In order to make the list show the most relevant information click "Library Settings" top right and tick the following boxes: Creator, Year and Call Number.
Edited by Covering Fire on 20-02-2017 10:14
Holy moly, amazing work! Grin
"They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library."
Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
Just Tony
Now that is a great resource. Good work!
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
Nice one!
Covering Fire
Thanks for the kind words!

I can now happily report that all the WHFB 4th edition articles are done: https://www.zoter...y/SRXEQIKC
I am very interested in these. I seen a box of white dwarfs, probably close to all of them from 2000-2005 for free at a con...didn't get them for some dumbass reason
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